2019-09-30 - John Caban on behalf of Pinksparkles Media, LLC: "Publication of Private facts"

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Dec 24, 2018
I totally forgot this bitch existed! She took the Sterling internet advice of JF and Andy Warski when they told her:
"Wow yeah you should totally do like IRL streaming you'll be a great success"

I stopped by one of her early IRL streams which consisted of her rambling like a Tard, walking around aimlessly talking to people on their daily commute and she Modded half the chat for no reason.

Either she is on heavy narcotics or needs psychiatric help.

My bet is the guy that sent this doesn't actually know Erin at all it's probably one of the guys who helps her do normal every day adult stuff while desperately clinging to the hope that one day shell look at his penis

All of this because our boy James Patrick O'Shaughnessy decided to yell at Baked Alaska for a bit.

Take this all with a grain of salt Ive never been a fan of half of the people involved in this.

From what I know Erin's first appearance was on the stream where Metokur decided to tell Baked Alaska that he is a fucking moron, Erin of course being the most attractive female in the room rode the wave of the drama views
The beginning of "sweet Erin"

Immediately following the implosion of Baked Alaska, Erin found herself with a small audience trying to get any shred of new details about the drama so she was invited to other streams one of the first ones being Andy Warskis intolerable Five Hour stream

She pops in at 16 mins and 50 sec.

Metokur pops on at 46:25

This is about where I dropped off in paying attention to her but my assumption is that she began streaming with Ice Poseidon because she knew Baked Alaska and at this time Baked and ice were friends.

Here is a fun little cringey clip i found as well

Mark my words Crazy Skank, Narcotics and Los Angeles has all the makings for both re.tarded and litigious. I'm in before she got here and went full Tard.

here is a song for our sweet Erin

Edit: btw


505 N.E. 22 Ave. Suite number #48 Ocala Florida

definitely looks like the Hub of an extremely successful Attorney
Better watch your ass there Null

:story: :story: :story:

Edit 2: also I couldn't help not including this a video of sweet Erin's Dad attacking Ice Poseidon

It goes from people chanting "kiss that dick" to freaking out on an obviously aggressive old loon bag. Quite the gem
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Dec 24, 2018
Null you need to setup a page for people who send you DMCAs explaining if they send you one they will most likely make their situation worse & receive more attention.
He has two pages on that: here and here. If they can't be bothered to read his legal policy, then they deserve the mockery they get.
Besides, of all the DMCAs this site has gotten, this has to be the most lulz-worthy.


Sep 18, 2017
Holy shit that wall of text hurts my fucking brain. I had to stop reading about 1/4 of the way in.

Why do these faggots not at least have a look at the thread where other DMCAs get laughed at? They'd know right off that nothing is being taken down, they're going to be mocked, and all it really does is cause people to go see what the fuss is about.
If they had that much common sense & problem solving skills they wouldn't be cows trying to delete things from the internet in the first place.


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Aug 20, 2018
This is just dumb. I'm pressing X to doubt there is any "harrasment" to speak of. She essentially faded into the ether and would continue to be a nobody that got ignored had this Bs dmca not occurred. She could have just counted her blessings that she was just a small footnote of a larger trash fire, but I guess that wasn't good enough.


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Jun 18, 2019
Someone needs to sit down, and document every mistake made by Baked Alaska, Ice Poseidon, and their orbiters. Create a logical progression from their birth, to present day, so everyone can identify where they went from being a regular human being, to a useless waste of space sperging out on IRL streams for $2 chats, wasted on drugs, addicted to petty drama. At that point a book could be written called "Don't be a Retard", and it could be taught in school.

I just don't get it. You would think the pain their lifestyle causes them would finally trigger some sort of survival mechanism, whereupon they would get a regular job and stop trying to be internet famous. These individuals are profoundly retarded.


Apr 24, 2014
>sweet erin

wtf is this, a confectionery company or lgbt group?


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Feb 19, 2019
Mr. Caban is clearly a graduate of the Search Bar school of attornies because that wall of word vomit felt like every DMCA template he googled melted together. You'd think he'd have time in there to google that any LLC requires an actual lawyer to represent itself and not some friend of it's crackhead owner "representing" the LLC. So unless he has proof he's a practicing attorney this is complete horseshit and has zero legal standing.

Also an LLC is considered it's own entity seperate from it's members/owners, which means Erin's private information has jackshit to do with it even if she's the owner of it. So filing on behalf of the LLC is also meaningless and something a REAL ATTORNEY would tell you. There's also the fact that private information can't be someone's intellectual property; you dont fucking own the distribution and legal rights to your own name and addresses. Privacy and copyright are two disinctive entities. Again, any actual lawyer would be able to tell you this very basic ass legal information.

So yeah don't worry about whatever this shit is unless John Caban can prove he's a lawyer hired specifically by Pinksparkles LLC. Which, by how incompetent and unable to hold up in a court this document is, is highly unlikely.

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Mar 18, 2019
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