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[2019-10-14 02:46:57 UTC] planetjeff2: It's planetjeff.

So right off the bat, thank you for the little self dox because you needed the praise from daddy Phil.

[2017-06-17 19:25:38 UTC] planetjeff2: cheer1000 - fuck the trollz.
[2017-06-17 19:26:09 UTC] planetjeff2: cheer1000 fuck the trollz.
[2019-08-15 03:33:15 UTC] planetjeff2: Attention, scumbags! DSP speaking words here. We will do whatever the fuck we want!

Here is where you can tell PlanetJeff2 to go fuck himself back, and do whatever the fuck YOU want!

Name: Jeff / Jeffrey Anderson
Age: 43-ish
Phone number: (801) 491-2719
Email: janderson@springville.org
Location: Provo, Utah
Work: City Engineer, Springville City Corp
Work website: Work Twitter Account: https://tw.tinf.io/SpringvilleCity
( I'm not saying to go there and spam the gif of Phil masturbating under every single thing they post, but if you do I wont care since their employer is giving Phil thousands of dollars. )

Links of note is his fucking LinkedIn profile:

On the profile he states the following:
Arizona State UniversityBSE, Civil Engineering1993 - 1998
Graduated Suma Cum Laude. Was Valedictorian of graduating class.

Which fits this comment:
[2018-01-26 06:03:53 UTC] planetjeff2: Your life has a *crazy* story arc. I was valedictorian as well. Went to a state school, got an engineering degree. Well paid, not complaining!

His location is Provo Utah, which has had one local Albertson store.

Which fits this comment:
[2017-07-18 19:54:13 UTC] planetjeff2: I did look for this V8 energy drink, my local Albertsons doesn't stock, unfortunately.

There is some information I didn't post because reasons, but you can trust this information.

Of note, the money he's throwing at Phil isn't his dead wife's money but is likely from his paycheck, he makes around 130,000$ yearly.

I would suggest further digging of people who are bored or want to see this utter cuck.


@Nigel of Ukip

Doing God’s work son.

A 43 year old cuck literally throwing taxpayer’s money at some fat fuck who couldn’t care if he died or lived.

DSP really has a knack for siphoning people off from their welfare/ disability/ gov’t paychecks. The autism vortex has this weird magnetic pull that sucks in the money of any autist that dares get close to it.

Slander Man

Did they take the Springville website down or did it even work in the first place? It can't be reached at the moment.


Can't wait to what Jeff does in response. I bet he's gonna throw even more money at Dave just to spite us damn dirty detractors.

That'll show us.
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I hope Jeff really spergs out now because guess what will most likely be done with those chat logs.
Additionally, surely those in Springville City would be alarmed to know how much money their city engineer has given to a guy who threatens to bitch slap 11-year-old girls.