2019-10-16 - Federal Grand Jury Subpoena -

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Null should refuse to comply with the subpoena and be a champion of free speech like Chelsea Manning.
He's got to troon out first. You either die a shitposter or you live long enough to become the cow.

ProtonVPN glows in the dark

Someone was ddossing / fucking with protonmail (also owned by them) and was using protonvpn.

They assisted authorities and a few weeks later they (the hacker) were mysteriously raided by feds. Do with this information what you will but I'm pretty sure they keep a bunch of info
It would just figure that I put my boomer aside long enough to get a VPN and it ends up being a honeypot.

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It's worth mentioning that just because the site is obviously being monitored by someone doesn't mean that it's the feds, and certainly not full-time. There's a small army of speds reporting any vaguely crime-related shit on KF to anybody they can think of--random ISPs, anti-cyberbullying groups, the Boy Scouts, troon reporters, the FBI, Santa Claus, daddy Vordrak, etc--and sooner or later any mass shooting related content is going to be reported to someone who can and will investigate.
Sure there are plenty of speds reporting things en masse but at this point it's safe to assume that there are at least a couple of feds floating around on just about every forum you can think of.

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so what will happen? will null fly all the way to new york from ukraine to attend their autistic inquiry? if he doesn't then he'll be a wanted fugitive in america and won't be able to return there without getting jailed
No, he just needs to provide the information they requested and he won't have to appear.

I'm completely lost. What the hell is the issue
I’m confused. Why do they want the info of someone who posted some other dude’s manifesto? How is that a crime? What are they actually investigating?
The Feds are investigating a member here for posting a German fuck-up's manifesto.

They're investigating him for other things and they want to pile on charges or its linked to another investigation or they want to ask the poster a couple of questions or that IP is connected with other sites or forums and they're investigating him. Its impossible to tell. But since its a federal fucking grand jury, I'm pretty sure this is not a fishing expedition. Somebody, somewhere is getting a fucking indictment.

I didn't read every single post in this thread so I don't know if this was already pointed out but the request for documents/information is just standard ISP boilerplate. KF isn't an ISP so Josh wouldn't have most of this information anyway.

I hope there is an attorney involved because the best thing would be for an attorney to just call and say "We'd love to cooperate but tell us what's going on so we can comply". I doubt KF is the subject of these proceedings but someone on here probably is.

It's been stated before but requests from a US Attorney for information in a Grand Jury and ancillary proceedings aren't something to ignore. This is one of the situations where it's absolutely necessary to have an attorney experienced with the law and familiar with the SDNY because it looks like it could be dealt with easily and quickly (if it's what we think it is, and it may not be).
Yea, this is shit you do not run from. The Feds don't give a flying fuck about the Farms, but if you fuck with them, they will make your life a living hell. If they just want user info and null sends it, he's fulfilled the request and he's done with what they need him for unless they need his testimony for some odd reason.

Which is nowhere near the level of 4chan or Facebook
This forum glows in the fucking dark. There are feds watching it. They don't even need to be members. I highly doubt they care. We just have no idea what they're actually after, nor do they actually have to say. Null could probably tell every country in the world to fuck off, except maybe Russia. The US is one country in which he could not do that, absolutely.

I don't think the Feds are interested in the site for mass shooting stuff. The German attack was a massive fucking failure and unless Mama Murkel is REALLY REALLY asshurt, it makes no sense to come at us for this. The Christchurch Shooting footage was way worse, explicit and in the mainstream news. We had that fucktard's manifesto too. I don't know why you'd want to read it unless you think that is a more fun way of killing braincells than alcohol, but its there. The German guy killed two people and didn't even get into the goddamn synagogue. And we don't have any attachment to either, since neither of them were members here. So our connection to them is ancillary at best.

I mean maybe Germany is 'REEEEEing' at the US and we just want to shut them the fuck up so this is a 'we're looking into it. See? Now shut the fuck up.' So its possible that this is the US seeing if there were any accomplices or anyone who knew the shooter or anything about it beforehand. Or it could be completely irrelevant. I don't know. We might never actually know until there's an actual arrest.


In Poland, all you need is fill out one form with your municipal administration, and obtain mandatory social security at around €130 per month. They are a EU country with a lot of stability and order now. Russia and Ukraine are different stories. Ukraine might get better some day if they join the EU as well.
Lol "just". That applies ONLY to Polish citizens. Not to mention USA hates Poles as they are the only country in EU that still require all the visas to even travel to the US, so Poland requires exactly same thing for the US citizens. You wanna live in Poland? You're gonna go through visa hell and leave country every 3 month to Ukraine to get a new border stamp and new 3 month working visa until you'd get married. They wouldn't even have to extradite him, just ship to the nearest US army base in country.

But to start business there you need something like 12 k usd, 3 k for yearly taxes and fees, 9k for the best tax specialist you can afford.

Tho, I will add, it is illegal in Poland to refuse banking service (or any service for that matter) and offering free basic accounts/debit cards is mandatory in every bank that wants to make business in Poland. Even Visa/Mastercard won't try to block anyone from using their services, unless they want their heads on spikes (that includes Paypal, they tried the random closing accounts shit and got skewered hard by monetary commission and are still on probation if they are actually banking service or not). Not to mention Polish banking systems are top 3 -5 in the world and I think 2nd in the EU when it comes to quality and efficiency. Comes with teritory of starting banks while knowing what doesn't work at all (like checks or credit cards) so unless backwards company in the US refuses to service Polish account, banking in on itself is so much better.

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Sure there are plenty of speds reporting things en masse but at this point it's safe to assume that there are at least a couple of feds floating around on just about every forum you can think of.
So what though? It just means everything you post here needs to not violate US law. That's a lot easier to do that not violating Canadian/EU country law which bans misgendering and 'hate speech'.


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The vch owner claims he did get a visit by the FBI.
As much as a PITA it is to run KF (Thanks Null) I can't imagine how nerve racking it must be to host a imageboard today with exceptional individuals dropping manifesto's left and right.
Vch.moe doesn't even have a /pol/. As far as i can tell it is just /v/ and a board for tv and movies.


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Sure there are plenty of speds reporting things en masse but at this point it's safe to assume that there are at least a couple of feds floating around on just about every forum you can think of.
I have it on good authority that a large number of federal agents monitor Pornhub for hours every day as well. It's a solemn responsibility but someone has to do it.

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There's some 'tarded stuff the feds do to avoid having to go to a judge and provide evidence for a warrant. If they make fake accounts and "happen to see" things on public or semi-private websites like Facebook then they can use that to go back to get the warrant later, or they might even not get one at all and stake people out online and browse their posts until they say something that might be against their parole.

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Look, the only time I use Tor or a VPN is to hide from my ISP (torrrenting), not the government. In the US, if the government wants to come after you, they will. Unless you're doing something criminal/illegal it's a waste of time/money.

And by illegal, I mean CP, ISIS or overthrow the Zog type of things (buying drugs, sex and credit card numbers are also bad things to do). Torrenting may be illegal but I seriously doubt the Feds care about torrenting an abandonware game for OS9. Look at the attachments in this post. They already know.

And if you are able to cover your nefarious activity online, they can always gain physical access to your hardware. Modern hardware already has backdoors but even if you go back to using an AMD K6 you can't hide.
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