2019-11-20 - Emergency, Emergency! -


Average Joe
I’ve never seen a campaign run out of cash like this before. Usually they are very frugal with money, hoarding it until the actual campaign season begins or closer to the election.
You shouldn't be surprised, incompetence is a trademark for pretty much every tranny out there, but this is John, incompetence takes a new whole lvl even for e-begging.


I love you
I'm going to venture a guess that this wasn't a personal email but sent automatically?

I'm going to hazard one more and say it has something to do with all your pro Israel shit on Twitter, lol.


Further proof that if God exists he has an amazing sense of humor
It's an automated response that was sent to to donors/people who signed up for Wu's newsletter. I don't remember if Jersh actually donated or just signed up to receive e-mails, though.


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There are several emails like that with corresponding threads in this subforum. Null is generally the OP in those threads. How do you suppose they came to exist?