2019-11-22 - Lynch Chairmanship: TERMINATED -


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Hey ,
Brianna here.
Lynch thought he could get away with it. He didn’t. YOU helped stop him. When Stephen Lynch made a power grab for chairman of the House Oversight Committee, he didn’t think his YEARS of cowering to Donald Trump would matter.
He didn’t think you’d see the videos of him SCREAMING at constituents asking him to impeach. But you did. You signed our petition or made calls. You made your voice heard and I am thrilled to say, Lynch’s bid for committee chair is TERMINATED.
We are building a movement to hold cowardly Democrats like Lynch accountable. Over the next year, we’re going to knock on over 30,000 doors of newly registered voters, and get them involved.
THAT’S WHY I NEED YOU TO RUSH A DONATION TODAY, so we can keep building on this movement.
This week’s hearings have shown what is plain to most Americans - how wrong Lynch was to block impeachment If it were up to Lynch, we would have never heard Ambassador Sondland’s explosive testimony. Never heard from heroes like William Taylor, Alexander Vindman or Fiona Hill.
Our campaign is already delivering wins. But to change Congress, we need your help.
Can you please support us today? Just $20.20 would make a huge difference.

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:
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Does she write all of her emails as if she's speaking like the Ultimate Warrior?
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Perennial carny, begging for twenty here, tenner there, in return for something like a worthless autograph of someone whose only significance is being the butt of a niche joke. What a life.

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All 48 of you made your voices heard and Pelosi listened to ME, I mean uh us.

Before anyone let’s Brianna, John Flynt, claim victory on this he had literally nothing to do with Lynch not winning. The spot usually goes to the most senior member in the committee who was not Lynch. It’s also voted on and Lynch bowed out when he didn’t gain enough support.

The spot went to the most senior member of the committee, Lynch is 4th most senior.

While any member can run to be the chair of a committee, majority lawmakers with the most tenure on the committee — in this case Maloney — usually win. Maloney had already been passed over for the coveted seat in 2011 in favor of Cummings. She has been acting chair since Cummings died last month.
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