2019-12-09 - DESTROYED by party insiders! -



The establishment fueled Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is actively working to take us down.

This is what I and other progressive candidates are up against, at the hands of our own party.

That's why I need you to support me with a donation now!

The DCCC has placed a dangeorus and un-democratic ban on supporting Democratic challengers, even in safe Democratic districts like mine. The party is putting nihilistic entrenchment of power for its own sake over core Democratic values.

How does this work? For starters, the DCCC is banning vendors who work with insurgents from working for Democrats they fund. Party elites determine their candidates without letting the people decide and try to box out challengers by making it difficult for them to staff or fundraise.

A consequence of this is they end up supporting people like my opponent, Stephen Lynch, who is against progressive policies and was a last minute hold out on impeachment, because he lacks political courage.

The DCCC is just short sighted and stupid. Imagine looking at AOC’s groundbreaking campaign and thinking, no, we don’t need any of that talent. That’s what the DCCC is doing. They think they know better than voters.

I am not DCCC funded, and with this policy, I wouldn't want to be. My campaign is powered by people like you, not corporate PACs and insider money. Please help me get to Congress by donating today!

Thanks so much for your support,



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Holy shit for a second I thought she sent an (unironic?) letter to null by accident or something. I never follow that shot so I’ve never seen their weird little form letters or whatever.

This is common for every candidate. I voted for orange man and I still receive emails from every mendicant in the Republican party, from Don Jr. to John Wayne.


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He thinks he's an insurgent. Jesus.
It's fantastic. There are Democratic primary candidates like Lauren Ashcraft who have a great background story (like having a relative who died in a famous mining disaster) and who propose actual alternatives to business as usual.

Meanwhile, John's 'story' is that his gook bf bought him some bolt on titties and his policy platform is doing whatever MSNBC suggests.