2019-12-16 - Let's STOP online harassment!

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Nov 14, 2012
Hi Joshua,

I'm proud to have been featured in a New York Times retrospective on the last decade in tech, and wanted to make sure you saw it. I know all too well the terrible impacts of online harassment. See part of my comments in this screenshot:


Will you donate today before our fundraising deadline to help me stop online harassment?

We know the incredible promise and advantages of technology, but its flaws have become abundantly clear in the last decade, as the Times illustrates.

The lesson of Gamergate is that, without consequences for online harrassment and reputation warfare, it will continue. It's already becoming normalized - look at the Trump administration.

The current members of Congress are not motivated or qualified to stop this. For me, this is personal. It INFURIATES me that what happened to me continues to happen to other people every day. It must stop. And when I get to Congress, I'll fight like hell for the regulations and enforcement we need to stop it.

To get this done, I need you with me. We have a major fundraising deadline coming up, and I need your support to meet it NOW.

Please donate today to help me stop online harrassment.


Note: Harassment is spelled incorrectly both times in the email. It is spelled correctly in the title.


May 30, 2019
Mean words and empty threats on the internet are truly the most dire problem facing humanity in the modern era. I, for one, will be happy to donate if it ensures nobody has to literally fear for their lives after being told to go fuck themselves over Twitter ever again. I'm sure my money will be used honestly and efficiently to futher this worthy cause.

Bad Headspace

Y e a h
May 4, 2019
tbh it shouldn’t be legal to threaten to murder or rape people online. But it already could be for all I know.
It is already illegal. It pretty much was always illegal to make treats or generally talking about committing crimes.
Of course before wahmen took over all the male spaces online, there was a clear line between bantz and actual threats.

An Sionnach Seang

Dec 27, 2015
too right "harassment" is misspelt - it sould read "false-flagging myself"
it astounds me that Wu can legitimately believe this bullshit, let alone expect anyone else to


Last Christmas (Enjoy the ear worm)
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Dec 25, 2015
Random plebs who ended up on her mailing list just because they live in her district must wonder wtf this gibbering nutter is on about. Wasn't that huge mantis ladyman talking about healthcare for all, and keeping Russians out of our politics? What does a few mean words on the internet have to do with our local political issues?

I love how it always boils down to John being buttmad that Hotwheels embarrassed him publicly. That damned evil midget will pay for his crimes if John has to drag the whole of American politics down to do so!

Apteryx Owenii

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Nov 11, 2016
tbh it shouldn’t be legal to threaten to murder or rape people online. But it already could be for all I know.

It's generally illegal to communicate "true threats," even on the internet. But there are two problems:

1) The internet is an anonymous place where it takes significant resources to track someone down unless they are stupid about what they are doing. Generally the FBI is a lot more worried about terrorism than such things and local cops either have murders to deal with (in the case of large departments) or have scant resources to deal with online investigations and jurisdictional issues.

2) More importantly, Brianna Wu and similar people very rarely receive actual true threats. If someone says "get raped and die, you fucking skank" in a chatroom, they have not communicated a true threat- but you can bet that Wu wants to run to the FBI with it. If someone writes a message here that says "If I see Wu on a street I'm gonna run him over" it's also not a true (i.e. prosecuteable) threat. One of the TDS cows, Kevin Allred, managed to make all sorts of threatening statements that did not rise to a "true threat" in that vein. But again, I'm certain that cows would think that is a 'death threat' and make a bunch of spurious complaints to the IC3 and then squeal when nothing is done.

A true threat would probably be if I emailed Brianna Wu and said "I'm coming to your house in Dedham tomorrow. I'm gonna break down your door, kill your freaky fetish-ridden husband and then bash your skull in with a baseball bat." It's not if I write "LOL fag" in response to a campaign email.

Iron Hamster

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Aug 10, 2019
Hey........he got out 4 other words before 'gamergate'. How does the boulder king feel about all this?