2019-12-16 - Let's STOP online harassment! -


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John will never give up gamer gate, or how much he hates sand niggers posting on the net when they disagree with him.

I legit would like to see him trying to explain how this matters and his other platform shit is world wide (climate change etc) like what little old lady wants to hear this shit?


That's a side effect of the marijuana poisoning!
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What's funny about the quoted section is the implication that death threats and harassment online wasn't "normalized" prior to the fall of 2014.

When the main thing that changed is how many people now post completely public and identifying information about themselves online, not just for companies like Facebook or Google, but for literally anyone who might search them.

Mentioning talking to the Obama White House is also amusing because there was the story about the Obama Administration receiving a record number of death threats mostly in part because of just how many more weird people were online. Nobody had to bother to mail death threats anymore when they could just e-mail the President. Brianna probably sounded like the crazy old lady who calls her Congressional office because she thinks her neighbor is mowing over the lot line.

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I know it's probably not ideal but most of the stuff I laugh at on the Internet these days would probably meet Wu's definition of 'online harassment'.

So I'm going to vote 'No!' on this proposition.


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