2019-12-27 - What do Russian sock puppets and Star Wars have in common? -


Cassandra on the Online
Hey Joshua,

If you're a Star Wars fan like me, you may have mixed feelings about the new trilogy. Maybe you loved it, maybe not so much. Maybe you saw some of the criticism of the films on social media. But how about this...

According the New York Times, over half the online anger directed at "The Last Jedi" came from Russian bot, troll, and sock puppet accounts. They aren't just trying to influence our elections, they're trying to propagate extreme right-wing ideology throughout our culture. We need people in Congress who will take this seriously.

Will you chip in before our December 31st deadling to help me get to Congress?

Congress is just not doing enough to stop these Russian bot farms from attacking our democracy. As if influencing our elections isn't bad enough, they are taking it one step further by trying to change our values as Americans.

I'm a software engineer. I know how these bot farms work. And I know how to stop them.

This is an all hands on deck situation, and the most immediate impact you can have is to help me get to Congress to stop this warfare on our country.

Please donate what you can today help us meet our December 31st goal.


This is pleasure!
According the New York Times

No according to a fucking OpEd it was ebble bawts and trawls!

Sure they point to a totally serious study so let's look at it the methods of that study shall we?


So, they essentially threw out tweets that didn't fit their desired result.


I'm a software engineer.

You are a garbage game dev.

I know how these bot farms work.

I don't think you actually do.

And I know how to stop them.

Rocks from the moon?


I do enjoy these e-beg-mails. Thank you for sharing, Null.

Feline Supremacist

I am a Dog-Exclusionary Radical Felinist
When “Star Wars: A New Hope” was released, the Vietnam War had just ended in traumatic ambiguity, Richard Nixon had resigned under the threat of impeachment, and the old American dreams didn’t fit our changed reality.
Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976, Vietnam ended in 1975 with the fall of Saigon and Nixon resigned in 1974. The economy was in freefall in 1976, maybe that's why people decided to turn to escapism via movies in 1977 years later you dimwitted dangerhair bimbo.

Do you have to earn a PhD to know basic history anymore? When every answer is a Google search away and everyone has a mini-computer smartphone in their pocket this is inexcusable.

Judge Holden

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*Putin's trollfarm server built by evil gamergate dwarves in the depths of Mount Eightchan boots up as it prepares to once again do battle with the stunning and brave and 1000% biologically female congressional campaign of Brianna Wu*


What'll it be, boys?
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There really is no absolute zero of human stupidity. You can't argue against a non sequitur.

Dear chump,

If you're like me, you like fast food. Maybe you even love it. But research shows that Burger King's Estrogen Patty is under extreme Russian assault. You are what you eat, and I refuse to eat a Nazi burger. Bots aren't even capable of digesting estrogen, but now they want to take our
choice away? Not in my America.

I've flipped a burger in my day, so I know what's at steak here. (Nice pun, Frank! :3 luv u)

All hands on deck Mr. Smee. This can't wait. Chip in to stop Donald Trump's lawless bot corral.