2019-8-30 - "How Gamergate Became A Template For Malicious Action Online" -


What's that Plank? They're hiding in the library?
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Today Brianna sat down for an interview with NPR journalist Audie Cornish to discuss GamerGate and online harassment. Her interview was relatively brief, and was just her usual spiel about death threats, women in the workplace and combating online harassment.

Alba gu brath

Snarky English mixed with illegible Scots.
There was massive inflation, shitty healthcare and too many ghettos gangsters inflating gamergate?

Mibbies deal with them issues before getting panties twisted over fee fees.


PHILLIPS: So one of the main differences between pre-Gamergate and post-Gamergate behavior is that before Gamergate, these behaviors tended to be anonymous. After Gamergate, it was clear for chaos entrepreneurs and other folks who realized that there was - there could be big business around...

CORNISH: I got to stop you there. Did you say chaos entrepreneur?

PHILLIPS: Chaos entrepreneur, yes - people who are stirring the pot, maybe because they are themselves reactionaries, maybe because they adhere to white supremacist ideology and maybe because they're trying to make money or some combination of both. And Gamergate was when that life choice, business strategy, became an active road that someone could travel.
Or maybe they're playing the eternal victim to draw donations from gullible saints. That seems like something lucrative to do, don't it?

To me, the most lasting legacy of action from the game industry - it's not any kind of action standing up for women employees. They've just simply funded a lot of catered Women in Tech luncheons. That's not what we need. My big lesson from Gamergate is asking the men in charge to do the right thing does not work. So we need women, we need people of color in positions of power not just in the game industry but at social media and tech companies and in Congress.
Women aren't saints, and neither is anyone else, you fucking juvenile scam artist.

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