2019-Aug-27 - Brianna Wu's Appearance on The Young Turks -


holy shit, "Armenian Genocide never happened" Network still exists?
Of fucking course Chunk Ugger is interviewing John Walker Flu. Both are attention whores rapidly fading away from the public eye.
This video is like watching two ghosts talk to each other.

i'm gonna fucking drown myself thinking back to my late high school, early college days of actually thinking they were a reputable news source
side note: I was also thinking of using "Wank" Uyger to refer to sink-boy. maybe next post.

Agent of Z.O.G.

I don't totally remember Jace's shenanigans (except the flipped car video), but one of Brianna's examples of Gamergate Terrortism sounds a lot of something Jace would have done.
"men holding knives up to the camera wearing skull masks"
Yeah that's Tyce, though I don't remember him wielding a knife in the video where he declares terrorism on brianna wu (anyone have a link by the way?)

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Honest question: for all the donation emails and news/online talks, has Brianna actually been campaigning on the street in the 8th?
That would require that ugly fatass get off his computer and go outside. He literally expects to demand people give him an elected office and it'll just magically happen.
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