2019 Cow Death/Suicide Pool! -

Who will die first?

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wrangled tard

Types in full sentences, for some reason.
Oh dang, this is actually a really tough one. I wish we could have a tiered "most likely to least likely" poll for this instead, because some of them could die of suicide, others of diabetes, some could be murdered, quite a few could have heart attacks... so many possibilities how can I possibly pick just one?
If you know of any sites that do that type of thing without logging I'll move everything over to it. I completely ran out of space in this poll anyway.


fat bird
I have spent too long in subforums and don't know who everyone is. Interested to know who Kay is!

My money would have been on the Lich Queen but as everyone knows, comments about her impending death only give her sustenance so went for the remaining Hooligan. With all of Gwen's attention on her now, she must be desperate to escape her horrific existence.
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