Culture 2019 Edmonton Pride Festival cancelled - b-but Canada is so liberal uwu


Thoroughly Unimpressed
While I have to give a comment about "eating their own", the idea of a radical organization trying to do a hostile takeover of a parade is absurd. I can criticize the pride parade organization for not having the balls to say no to them, until I remembered that many of them have had them surgically removed anyway.
Say "No"? How could you wish such VIOLENCE upon someone?!

Such a wonderful "community".
It's almost as if being as divisive as possible and constantly telling those who aren't just like you that they need to cater to your specialness or otherwise die as bigots tends to break up a community instead of bringing it together..... nah, that can't be it, diversity is our STRENGTH!

All this “intersectionality” bull crap does is make any goal near impossible to fulfill. It’s not enough to be about the singular issue, you have to make every subgroup or category happy or else your activism isn’t good enough.
"Inersectional outrage" doesn't work, all you get is a group of loud, arm-flailing screamers shitting up everything they touch, if I wanted to see more of that, I'd go feed the seagulls.
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