2020-01-03 - Steve Horner: "I have a gift for you" -

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Check your immunoprivelege.
The "kid" who died stupidly .... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Horner

likely drugs + a congenital heart condition. Dad isn't notable enough to merit a Wikipedia mention, even on son's page.

Honestly I cringe a bit when he "goes there" with speculation about his target's sexuality and love-life, the misogyny and saber rattling about who is man enough.

If he pushed your buttons that is what he is trying to do. 💚💛💙(internet appreciation hearts) Don't listen to him, he is reacting to his own speculation. He is full of lies and he is jealous of your accomplishment and technical expertise.

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What? This reads like a fever dream. Is this just an angry boomer or am I looking at an actual lunatic? I’m just so confused why he would bother Null when everyone knows Hotwheels (Frederick Brennan) the international terrorist and trainer of the NZ gunman has sworn to defend this website to the death. I wouldn’t want to make an enemy of him


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Imagine being this angry that someone called your biased anti-woman crusade that even Fox laughed off retarted. Methinks he jokes about cocks and his moms tits too much....
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"Oh Josh, this is Steve Horner. I left you a message last week regarding my opinion of your website last night apparently as a result of that phone call. I received no fewer than three. Angry phone calls from a guy who I think identified himself as Knox from arcnet and knocks is seems lonely, angry, ill-informed, and therefore I'm willing to reach out to him and answer his questions to help set him straight on a course of Civility. happiness and moral righteousness But I'm only going to give him one more chance here. So you call your friend knocks and and I'll take his call in an hour and forty-five minutes. That would be noon mountain central time. Okay, I don't take calls unless I I recognize who they're coming from because I get a lot of lopsided calls from lopsided people like knocks and you know how these Scoundrels do it because you probably participate in the in in this in this car gets out Behavior yourself, and that is that you reroute the calls through different servers through clever clever, but very cowardly dog. Okay, so I don't take the calls, but if if you want to get a hold of your lonely friend and have them call me. I'll take a call when it comes in at noon Mountainburg central time today. I'll be happy to answer his questions because that's what I'm in business for because I truly honestly, whole-heartedly believe wage and everything I promote and preach otherwise, I wouldn't do it. I am not a liar. I am not a coward. I am not a stupid man wage. And so therefore if I could help set straight any of the misguided youth in America, I feel that that is my privilege and my obligation if he's got some serious questions to ask I'm there for him as the answer man. You've got my number. Says my number I'll be I'll be at the phone at that's actually an hour and 30 minutes from now. That's that's noon mountain central time."

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"Josh, this is Steve Horner. Well time's up. I gave you I gave you simpletons fair fair chance to ask your scrutinizing questions about my policies and beliefs and thoughts you chickened out and that's the way you chickenshit swork. You call people names and make false claims behind their back through the secrecy and phone number of the the veil of the internet, but you don't have what it takes to confront a person in person. You see you're just aligning coward who wants to stay in the shadows and bring your own assumptions. And you're afraid of the truth. I don't know how you queer little faggets can even face yourselves in the mirror each morning. I just don't know how you can do it. I suppose that's the choice I suppose that's the the popularity of drugs, huh? My son Paul. He died stupid. There's no two ways about it. I would ask scrutinizing questions about why he calls me names and lambaste Trump and I would ask him scrutinizing questions. He would just say F you or screw you and that could answer he got sucked into the the final of darkness. And idiocy that you where are you people linger? And I know you know this knocks cuz he referenced your name just so it's a really pathetic state of affairs and you know where you get it all from, you know, you know how you have become this way because women want you to sway and want you to be puppets cuz you see women can't scrutinise. They can't debate they're weaklings. But by Nature you see they can't stand up to a man's voice and determined opinions. And so that's why they have all these crazy idiot harassing rules and guidelines and laws and and and pussy-whipped little boys like you they love to have a little pussy whips like you suck up to them because because then they get support and they come up with idiot term wage. Misogyny. Well a guy like me does not hate half the people on the on God's green earth rather. I really have a dislike for the idiot policies that women and little pussy whips like you try to present and perpetrate you see so the women have got you right where they want you but they still don't screw you off. You still remain a guy that goes through life without ever getting laid, huh? That's why there's so many faggets all you little boys hold hands and suck a jerk each other off."
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I hadn't been paying much attention to the habbenings lately and today, something haunted me to click this one. I am so glad that I did.
Listening to the voicemails and then reading about this guy was a rollercoaster, man.

It had been a while since I had such a hard laugh that I got lightheaded. I love this guy and his absolute lack of self-awareness.
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