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    NSA Press Release, "Am I vulnerable?"


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Great news! FINALLY, there is a movement happening to unionize video game and tech workers!

I have been advocating for this for a long time, and I appreciate the Communication Workers of America for stepping up and working to make it happen. In Congress, I will fight for union workers and for those who want to unionize by protecting collective bargaining rights and working against union busting efforts!

Help me get to Congress to fight for unions!

I've been a software engineer and a game developer for many years, so I've seen how workers can be exploited by the industry with no union protection. They are truly overworked and underpaid. And with tech being one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, unionization of its workers is long overdue.

Even BEFORE I get to Congress, I will do all I can to help CWA's efforts to unionize tech workers, but when I get to Congress, I can do so much more.

Help me get there by making a donation today!

And please follow me on Twitter @briannawu for updates if you haven't already! We're almost at 100,000 followers, and it helps to get our message out!
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Sissy Galvez

Yeah, you have first hand knowledge of exploiting workers because that’s what you did to the women you hired for Giant Spacekat.

I’m laughing at John grasping at any straw possible now to scam money from people. This “union” shit in gaming started over a year ago (and isn’t going anywhere) but John just now realized he can co-opt it.

Coffee Shits

Good morning!
The funniest part of this to me is how Wu reuses the same Twitter account for anti-Trump whining and old video game spergery. No faster way to get your voters to write you off as a dumb shut-in millenial.

By the way you might want to sanitize that Twitter link as it goes through a link tracking service.

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What would be the benefit of unionizing one of the highest paid and most sought-after workers in America? Tech workers benefit from free-market competition and would be hurt by extra bureaucracy and regulation. Yes, video game developers usually work like slaves but if you have the skills to be a game dev you can probably take those skills anywhere else and make just as much money (if not more) while not working 80 hour weeks.

Like everything else about Wu's political career this seems completely misguided. Most companies that don't revolve around Tech and just need it as a means to an end would already rather hire Indian Java slaves rather than American workers. Forcing them to pay an American tech union worker a higher wage would only make competition on the other side of the world seem more cost-effective than it already is.
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This sounds like an Ironclad plan.

The "journalists" that work at the woke digital media companies unionized despite the owners of the company explaining they don't have the margins to meet union demands so a lot of "journalists" got laid off last year because they were too stupid to realize money is a finite resource.

If this does actually happen, I eagerly anticipate loads of developers crying that they got laid off.

But at least they already learned to code.
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>I've been a software engineer and a game developer for many years
WTF, what did he do all those years besides that revolution 69 shite?
>so I've seen how workers can be exploited by the industry with no union protection.
What did he mean by this, that he exploited his employees?

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