2020-02-13 - Nikocado Avocado, LLC: OnlyFans Copyright Infringement -

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Slimy Time

Read 'em and weep
Niko is actually well self aware, he knows he eats like shit, but he does it for money.
The guy cries like his mother just died while shoving piles of food into his face, then goes and edits it, cuts it together, ads that ridiculous "press subscribe" which has even more scenes of him crying, then uploads it to the internet. He 110% does it for views and is self aware.

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LOL does anyone actually think Niko is NOT fully aware and cynically acting like a toddler who lost his kitty under the wheels of a bus every 2nd video while harming his body with mounds of junk food for Internet bux?

No one on this site anyway. Probably at least 80% of his followers and paypigs are fully aware of it too, but either masturbate to it or just want to embrace the horror.


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Here is an insight into Niko's dietary views
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Shit: just from the "fried foods" to the mountains of carbs, no fucking wonder his kidney shut down. He's LUCKY AF that he doesn't have Auto-Immune Hep. (Which starts from the Liver)!
And Processed food....yeesh talk about cringing
Hey Nick. I know your reading this.

Fuck you.

For all legal inquiries, fuck off.
Hey, don't be too harsh: He...ok even I can't justify Nickocado's mental gymnastics!
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You always own the copyright to what you make. Copyright is not something that you have to apply for or earn. It's just that not everything is worth money.
In addition, from a Business Law Standpoint, Nick can technically be a corporation..pun intended.
Investment-wise? Pfft...Bullish
Oh: and noice try labelling yourself as an LLC, Nick: Not even in his wildest dreams can he specifically apply for that!
As for the "Copyright Infringement" regarding those handful of screenshots...I'm gonna be anal about this:
1. The Kiwi that started the thread in the 1st place shockingly fell within Copyright.
2. @Null and his response was also within Copyright.
3. It's the Internet: No amount of "exclusivity" nor paywalls as Nickovacado could throw using his temporary lawyer could prevent this. :I That laywer really must be grinding their gears as Nick rees for damage control.
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Alright, how the fuck can he quit veganism for health reasons and then turn around and become an obese disgusting trainwreck? Am I missing something? How could staying vegan be worse than this?
I think the veganism was probably rooted in some deep seeded need for control and restriction, and current Nick is the result of rebelling against any expectation or rule the world might have about what you can do. Also some shit about lack of sense of self is probably in there. He eats because it's easy money. He causes drama because it's easy money. Attention and money are wonderful reinforcements for destructive behavior.

The timeline goes: vegan -> gets in drama with vegans -> lashes out, gets attention -> no longer vegan, denounces veganism, gets attention -> full blown 5000+ cal meals of the shittiest food you can imagine, makes tons of money -> causes drama, gets attention, gets money

It's a vicious cycle for someone like Nick and I'd almost feel bad for him if he wasn't such a gross individual. Super mean spirited and catty.
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