2020-04-28 How would I feel if someone died going to vote for me? - The scampaign ends via Medium

Boris Blank's glass eye

Ring the bell, Roll down the street
And the name of that sweet old wuman? Albert motherfucking Einstein. And then the whole bus stood up and clapped.

On topic: how the fuck would you feel, Johnny-boy? You're running as a Democrat, so I'm pretty sure you'd feel "One more certain voter, score!"

And that would make her corpse your second voter after your husband.


He'll launch his 2022 campaign around September of this year would be my guess.
Bri is done trying to be a politician.

1. his heart really isn’t in it

2. there was zero buzz around Bri’s campaign this time and its likely he would have done much worse this time around.

3. the cuck bucks probably dried up and Frank isn‘t willing to burn any more money on a vanity campaign with how uncertain things are.

@Null Can Bri be sent to the rat king sub with one general thread? I don’t see a need for a dedicated forum especially now that his campaign is dead.