2020-04-28 How would I feel if someone died going to vote for me? - The scampaign ends via Medium


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I think the main reason she’s quitting is she knows she won’t have enough signatures.

One of Briannas challengers sued Massachusetts, and the state Senate cut the number of signatures needed in half to 1000. Other sites say signatures aren’t due until June but this article and several others say they’re due a week from today.

So despite running for over three years, she couldn’t muster up 1000 signatures in a few months because animal crossing, ff7 remake and resident evil got in the way, plus the fact that all of her supporters aren’t even in her district. Covid-19 was the cowards way out.

I will be interested to see what her next scam is.


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Sure, you're ending it because "people might catch Kung Flu on the way to vote, and I don't want people to die" and not because the only people really following you are because of the trainwreck you've been since before you even started running for office.

People are still going to go out and vote, regardless of whether or not some unknown dumbass is still on the ballot.


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Wu really missed the boat. The Republican Party is so fucking desperate to show how tolerant they are that they would have happily nominateed Wu to run in his fluorescent blue district. All he would have had to do was pretend to understand how to shoot a shotgun and make vague statements about protecting states rights and small government or some shit. It's not like he honestly believes the shit he is saying now about progressive values. His website reads like a PowerPoint presentation of "generic democratic party candidate #321564B"

I suppose though it would have been impossible considering how hard he shilled in the opposite direction. I bet he wishes he could go back to 2012 and recast his persona. He had hitched his wagon to the team that was clearly winning back then.


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I can't wait until things open back up so John can sperg out about how Trump murdered untold numbers of trans people by denying them life saving surgeries. He'll probably blame Trump for his hopeless campaign needed to be shut down too. We all know how great John is at accepting responsibility for his actions.