2020-04-28 How would I feel if someone died going to vote for me? - The scampaign ends via Medium


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Bri is done trying to be a politician.

1. his heart really isn’t in it

2. there was zero buzz around Bri’s campaign this time and its likely he would have done much worse this time around.

3. the cuck bucks probably dried up and Frank isn‘t willing to burn any more money on a vanity campaign with how uncertain things are.

@Null Can Bri be sent to the rat king sub with one general thread? I don’t see a need for a dedicated forum especially now that his campaign is dead.
We Kiwi's weren't even paying attention to his campaign this time. So he wasn't even getting Freak Show Hate Buzz.

just some numbers to put the waste in perspective, as of end of March he'd spent a little over a quarter million dollars on his campaign. $221,640.89 of it being other people's money, $49,318.11 was his own pocket. he still has $30,809.08 in the bank. obviously he got zero PAC money.

of his donations, $135,468.49 were large individuals (people who gave more than $200, maximum of $2,800), $86,172.4 were small individuals (people who gave $200 or less).

no. there's some creative with accounting he could get away with during campaign, leftovers will probably go to some troon charity and/or the DNC.
John said he was on track to raise that much. I believe he raised a little under $250,000.
Who the Fuck was giving Wu Money? Why? Are there that many Meth Addled Hobo's running around with an extra $20 to spend on a Tranny Ghoul?

I'm not gonna bother reading all that shit, did he endorsed Biden like a good boy or not?
In Wu's entire political career Wu has never been sexually harassed by Joe Biden. No matter how much Wu tried. So Biden clearly is not a sexual harrasser!

Also in 2018 voters confused her with someone else who else had the last name of Wu.
You can see where "Wu" might not be a winning Campaign name in the year of the Wu Flu. Especially when you have the worlds scariest Chinaman walking in with you.

Is he already referring to himself as a former congressional candidate? I wonder how he'll go about monetizing that?
I'm sure he's expecting the MSNBC Talking Head bucks to start rolling in any day now... any day now... hello... ex Congressional Candidate here! Somebody?


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How do I rate a Medium post optimistic?

Because - no. No one was ever going to vote for Johnny. Especially not at the risk of their lives. Ah. Such optimism.

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Well, I was wrong. I was expecting/looking forward to John blaming it all his staff again, this is far less satisfying. I didn't even donate and I feel like he ripped me off.