2020-06-08 - Onision: "content pirated from my OnlyFans page" -

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Orange Rhymer

Can you imagine bringing a lolsuit against KF over his disgusting lewds only for discovery to unveil just how many of his onlyfans subscribers are minors?
"Your Honor, please direct your attention to Exhibit A, the photograph of Mr. Jackson's penis. Mr. Jackson charges a substantial monthly fee for access to this organ."
"Counsel, I believe your client owes his audience a refund"

...He won't do shit. He violates COPA constantly with his tween fanbase. One hint of a PP pic accessed by a kiddie, and he loses the kids and experiences gay sex as an unwilling 'bottom'.

Shaka Brah

Patriotic Ass-Blasting Poster
If Gurg chimps out about us and sics his weird perverted fans on us, it will be funny to see the farms get mildly bombarded by brainwashed horny 15-year-old girls and 40-year-old men.

It would be halal, but it would be funny.
They'd probably like the Farms more than him. For every 4 alogs among his fans, the 5th guy is going to have a blast reading threads and become a kiwi.


You know who else have a W.A.P.? MY MOM!
Wait, did anyone even buy his fans only shit? Who wants to see his saggy ass? Just go to porn hub instead.
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