2020-07-24 - Adrian Yolland petitions me for voluntary disclosure -

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I have no idea what the fuck this is about but my statement explains what I was asked for. It has something to do with these people:

tl;dr: mean people on kf say mean things about trannies, tranny sues some random guy for 100k GBP over hurt feelings, defense asks me for help.

help rendered:
2020-07-24 Adrian Yalland-1.png2020-07-24 Adrian Yalland-2.png

My statement was accepted by the powdered wig who dismissed the lawsuit at the same hearing. The Judge's determination seem to be that there is no argument Yalland is who the tranny says he is on the site, and that there is no harassment.

I was told that the judge enjoyed my letter, said something to the effect of "Americans have a different approach to freedom of speech", that several things I had written in my statement would be illegal to say in the UK, and that my signature "might not be entirely accurate".

Hayden said multiple times throughout the reception of this letter that "Joshua Moon is a pedophile", which did not garner a response from the judge. He said it was entirely appropriate for Yalland to ask me for help considering the Kiwi Farms is basically the origination of Hayden's complaint.
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Hold up, I might be misinformed, but wasn't Kiwi Farms blocked for a majority of UK ISPs a while back? I know there's a few countries you can't directly access us from without some VPN or Tor shenanigans, wasn't the UK one of them?

How can, legally, someone be culpable of cyberstalking and performing defamatory harassment, particularly that last one, if nobody can publicly see these defamatory remarks? How can you rack up 100k in damages in the UK to your public image if no one saw it there?

EDIT - it doesn't warrant a new post so much later in the discussion but I've read the responses, it was Australia that was (at least temporarily it seems) blocking us, not the UK. Somehow I got the Brits and their former penal-colony-turned-country mixed up in my head on internet censorship policies, my bad.
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