2020 Coronavirus Merch Run -

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Our benevolent hosting company bought a server, as we've outgrown our current one. To offset costs, we're doing a merch run.
Email <jcmoon@pm.me> if you have any problems.

Orders will be mailed about 2 weeks after the end of the sale, which itself will likely run 2 weeks.

Note on an error message

The error message some people were getting should now be totally resolved. If you made an order in the first day of the run and did not receive a confirmation email, email me with the email address you used for the order and I will verify if the order went through. If you received an HTML receipt from the merchandise store, your order is processing. If you did not, contact me.

The Merch

The first design is on 4" eggshell stickers, 20 for $10. Eggshell stickers are also known as destructible stickers or security stickers because they scratch apart and leave traces instead of peeling off. These will adhere to everything permanently and I encourage people who go to college or university and get a much.


This design is on t-shirts and hoodies. The t-shirts are $25, the hoodie is $45. The t-shirts are gendered, the hoodie is unisex (regardless of what gender you pick). The shirts are from Next Level. I don't have information on the hoodie, but it should be the same hoodie as before.


Shipping is guestimated. $5 to the US, $15 to Canada, $25 anywhere else. I know this is expensive and I apologize, but fulfillment is being done by a small company in California. Redbubble and other large manufacturers have printing in multiple economic regions to reduce shipping, but I do not have that luxury.

The Device
The device is large enough it will should last at least 5 years at our current growth rate. It cost $8900. To fully recoup this, we need about 500 ~ 600 orders, though realistically I'd estimate about 300, which is fine. It won't be the end of the world if we don't pay it off in one go.

AMD EPYC 7402P 24-Core processor
128GB ECC DDR4 Memory
ASRock Rack SP3 board
2x 500GB WD Black NVMe SSDs
8x 4TB 860 QVO SSDs SuperMicro 3U
8-drive bay rackmount chassis with redundant 920watt psu

Other Support
If you're concerned about financial details, you can use privacy.com to generate gift cards that work with any billing information. You can also use these to just send me money by PMing me details.

If you'd like to use cryptocurrency, my addresses are:
BTC: 16WxJgvBk34ALJetN4s3zsReVvtx89WVsd
ETH: 0xc1071c60Ae27C8CC3c834E11289205f8F9C78CA5
BAT: 0xc1071c60Ae27C8CC3c834E11289205f8F9C78CA5
XMR: 438fUMciiahbYemDyww6afT1atgqK3tSTX25SEmYknpmenTR6wvXDMeco1ThX2E8gBQgm9eKd1KAtEQvKzNMFrmjJJpiino

If you'd like to buy merch using crypto, DM me with your tx id, what you want, and your shipping details.

If you're a boomer and want to do bank wires, zelle, venmo, or automatic monthly donations DM me.

Thank you for your support and sticking with the community.
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If you got an error like this, I am manually setting your order to processing.
If you got this error, and you do not get a receipt saying your order is being processed in an hour, please email <jcmoon@pm.me> with order details.


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The transaction has been declined because of [XXX]. The address provided does not match billing address of cardholder.