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Has anyone gotten a combination order in the mail yet, or noticed any tracking activity? I got a tracking number email on Monday, but it's been several days and it still shows " Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item". Not sure if this is normal.
No tracking updates on my combo order either - I suspect that they do singular ones first? Still, it’s not like I waited months for this to suddenly become impatient over a few day delay. Looking forward to the hoodie and the shirt.

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No tracker email yet for my combo order. Is this the power of cryptocurrency?
I don’t have an email either. I assume I’ll be part of the second wave.

ETA: I used regular old bank card, so it’s not a crypto thing.


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Tfw all the kiwis that got combo orders are gonna get vanned


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Stickers came in today. They're fucking huge lol, I gotta rethink the places I wanted to vandalize now that I know they're literally bigger than the palm of my hand, goddamn. So much for slapping it on the "neighborhood watch" sign.


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Hey for anyone that is getting that “on its way to next facility” or w/e that’s an auto Usps message after not being scanned for 24 hours. Doesn’t mean it’s lost it’s been happening to a lot of my packages. Worse case it gets loaded on the wrong box and takes an extra day or two.