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Who is the best choice for President of the United States in 2020?

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Give Her The D

Amputee without a Soul
True & Honest Fan
I kind of do and don't want DJT to win at the same time (which he will).

On one hand, I don't want 4 more years of bitching on how anyone who wants to be able to listen to the President and consider what he has to say is a Nazi incel, and on the other hand, the DNC's platform is so shit I know I can't support anyone else.

Baby Jane Hudson

But ya are in that chair, Blanche, ya are.
I don't see why people are so opposed to socialized medicine here, and if there was "free healthcare" in the US immigrants would naturally be entitled to the same benefits.
If you can, take a look at Mark Levin TV. Check out his interview with Sally Pipes. She is a healthcare expert from Canada who is now head of the Fraser Institute in San Fran. She is trying to warn people against socialized medicine. On Levin's show she stated

"In Canada, according to the medical care expert, the average wait time from a primary care referral to see a specialist is approximately 20 weeks, five months.

Pipes explained on Fox News’ “When people think something is free, they are going to demand a lot more of it,” Pipes said. So, the government will have wait lists and ration care, and “it is the elderly that will be most harmed by rationed care.”

In Canada, according to the medical care expert, the average wait time from a primary care referral to see a specialist is approximately 20 weeks, five months.

The subject of wait times hits close to home for Pipes, whose mother died of colon cancer in 2005 while she was a patient in the Canadian health care system.

According to Pipes, after going to her doctor and expressing her concern that she might have colon cancer, she was told “As a senior, we have too many younger people on the waiting list to get colonoscopies — people are waiting eight months to a year.”

“So she didn’t get her colonoscopy. Six months later she was hemorrhaging, she went to the hospital in an ambulance,” Pipes said. “Two days in the emergency room, two days in a transit lounge waiting to get a bed in a ward. She got her colonoscopy, but she passed away two weeks later from metastasized colon cancer. This is rationing of care and you reduce costs by denying care to people. It’s very, very sad.”

This is only one example why Americans aren't crazy about socialized medicine.

Baby Jane Hudson

But ya are in that chair, Blanche, ya are.
Care is rationed in a non-socialized system too, it's just done more rationally on average.
I can't disagree with you. My husband worked at a hospital for 21 years. He worked closely with the emergency department and he saw the difference between how the elderly were treated compared to younger people. Younger people got priority. So you're right, but at least with our system, no one is turned away. The hospital he worked at had a policy that if patients couldn't pay, they would not be turned away.

Of course there were many "frequent flyers" who couldn't pay and showed up for everything from a hang nail to a runny nose.

One thing I see cropping up are urgent care clinics that charge a small fee and take care of a lot of minor issues like colds, ingrown toenails or allergy symptoms. When issues are more serious, they will call an ambulance and have a patient transported to the hospital.

The biggest problem facing hospitals and doctors is the huge malpractice insurance premiums they have to pay. Because of our litigious society, healthcare has become fertile ground for hungry lawyers. I think if the courts could push back on the minor healthcare lawsuits, malpractice premiums would go down and healthcare costs could go down. That and allowing health insurance companies competing for customers (like care and homeowner insurance companies) then you would see cheaper premiums and possibly, insurance companies willing pay more of a patient's bills. Optimistic, I know, but maybe it could work.
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Exceptional Mafioso

I was watching The Five today because they have some interesting arguments with one another and I get to hear Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld spit fire at Juan Williams.

Today I got a threefer because Perino stomped Beto O'Rourke, Juan Williams, and the entire Kennedy family at the same time. You're going to have to find video of it because by the time one of you actually reads this the feed I saw will be gone. But here's a transcript:

Juan Williams: And I think part of it is that people started to see him [Beto] as the rich kid. The kid who had a car accident and left the scene like all the rest.

Dana Perino: Like a Kennedy.

Drunk and Pour

Anybody hear about that Pennsylvania state congress person fucking with pro-life protestors? I'm wondering if this guy was making a demo reel to show how badass he was and planning on running for president. Like, "Look at me, I can be a bully just like Trump! I can yell at a single old lady and try to dox teenaged girls. I can totally hold my own against Orangemanbad!".


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I don’t even know where to start with this.

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The Pink Panther

The Dumb Squash From Lugash
I don’t even know where to start with this.

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Even the young ones are out of touch.
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