2021-02-12 - Adam Kovic's continuous DMCA takedown notices -

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I feel like if there were pictures of my dick on the internet, and I didn’t want pictures of my penis on the internet, and those pictures were in the hands of insane autists and the person in charge of the insane autists didn’t take down other things after being harassed by an insane cross dresser with a crossbow or a retarded Brit, my best course of action would be to stop bringing up how said website has pictures of my genitals and just wait for it to die down.
But then I’m not Adam Kovic and I didn’t cheat on my wife or send dick pics to strange women in hopes that I could have extramarital affairs with them.

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The pictures are of Kovic exclusively, so I don't think they could file anything under his wife's name if they tried, but I know almost nothing about law so someone else can feel free to correct me here.
No, he also sent pictures of him and his wife being intimate and pictures of her naked. Both were apparently sent without her permission, which is likely why Null mentioned her in his response.


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Dude just wants people to jack off to e-whores in peace josh...
Hes the hero we need but dont deserve


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>Polite reasonable response that didn't call them names once, despite them spamming you with BS requests

You feeling okay Null?
Most of his responses to the copyright trolling companies these idiots hire are very professional, it's only the lolcows writing barely coherent "take dat off der internet!" emails he calls names.
I think these are funnier because of it, since you know there's an uncomfortable call between the lolcow and the firm afterwards where they have to tell them "yeah there's not a lot we can do, this one knows his shit".


You know you are dealing with some heavyweights on thotery and manwhoring when the website has both the equivalent of "as seen on cosmopolitan" and shitty deviantart stamps on it.


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Sheesh, they never learn, do they? If there's anything that people need to understand, it's that contacting Null to remove threads filled with embarrassing details about your personal life will only draw more attention to it, as I (and I'm sure many users on this site) have this particular section on the forum on my Watch List. I didn't know who Adam Kovic was until five minutes ago, but because this idiot thought it was a good idea to fraudulently DMCA Null, I now have a new thread to check out.