2021-04-07 - Patrick Sean Tomlinson subpoenas Cloudflare -

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This is weird, I was at work just the other day and we were unloading a truck and the driver asked me if I knew who Patrick Sean Tomlinson was. I told him kind of and he gives me this look and says "that guy is fucked up, he raped and murdered 16 children in Bardstown Kentucky in 2006." I was shocked, but I mean maybe this guy was just fucking with me?

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Patrick S. Tomilson is a big greasy porker with not one ounce of talent to be counted within his immense mass. I have never read his work but looking at the leather jacket and sunglasses often featured in his selfies I can only presume that his work consists entirely of homoerotic Nazi biker propaganda. I just can't bring myself to support that kind of hate.

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By the way, in the case that CloudFlare does bend its knee and gives out any information it possesses to Mr. Tomlinson, will @Null be somehow informed of it? Also, will Dear Leader himself give away the information that his legal representation seeks?
In theory, yes. Item 2 of the "Special Instructions" section (page 6) of the subpoena request specifies that affected Cloudflare customers should be given advance notice so that they may have the opportunity to file a motion to quash.

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Although I imagine most of these people have a twisted view of reality, where they imagine themselves as anime protagonists and if they just try hard enough, with enough determination, their drill will pierce the heavens and make all the bad things they're trying to hide magically vanish online.
The most ironic thing about this is that anime protagonists aren't delusional liars who don't have common sense and are spoiled and don't think the internet is a part of real life. The example you're talking about fit more into anime antagonists, and there are villains who fit the bill, but the point is you're right on spot about them. Also something something anime news network colony drop zac bertschy hope chapman yadda yadda yadda. I swear at this point in my life, anime is like a catalyst for an extreme mental illness test, because depending on who reacts what, that tells more about them than the content given. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and derail into anime stuff.