Rejected! 2021-08-31 - Isabella Loretta Janke (via attorney): A courtesy request. -

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BOO! U scurred?
unironically thats how purgatory works, your good deeds dont wash away evil but after 50 years torture he might get release to heaven, now unlike Comics i dont foresee sentient fungus that even Nurgle would find abomination because its utter lack of humanity to make amends.
🍄 can try to go to space and do a Summer style takeover.
🎵Glory to Glorzo!🎶 It's the only way she'll really get a CEO job.

Where did u get your info, fucking Dante? Fuck off to Beliefnet or something with the other religious spergs. Nobody cares

Isabella's fungi socks are welcome to stop by anytime and we will continue to milk her for all her sour moldy dairy.

serious n00b

Autism talks: Everything else walks