[23-March-19] Stream or die begging, The most important day EVER, 12 hours long stream - This is it, do or die time *snort

Will he do it?

  • Of course, he is a MAN!

    Votes: 9 4.5%
  • Yes, but he will have a LOT OF BREAKS

    Votes: 110 54.5%
  • Yes, but will give up halfway

    Votes: 43 21.3%
  • Bluffing

    Votes: 40 19.8%

  • Total voters
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In the past DSP mentioned many times that he cant do longer than his usual 7 hours long stream, cause he would die. Now he wanna do a long stream cause of reasons. TBH it kinda came out of nowhere, but excited nonetheless. what do you think?

EDIT: Okay guys, today is THE DAY. Everything pigroach did in the past 10 or so years led to this day, THE MOST IMPORTANT STREAMING DAY.

Its gonna be a very special event, starts on saturday 23/3/19 10am pdt which is around 5pm GMT. It will last only 12 hours (reduced from 16 hours), he will probably late 15mins, expect an hour long pre and like 2 hours of breaks. Lets hope he will survive.

He will treat his fans by playing the following games:

-Sekiro, which he already plays and hates it.
-DK Country game which he plays for a week now.
-Modern Warfare REEEEmastered so he can do some BEASTing.
-Super Mario RPG, an ongoing playthrough.
-Classic Street Fighter, because 4th place.
-Black Ops 4 Blackout, camping in the pisoar.
-And maybe some Q&A section.

As you can see, its nothing like any other day (just longer) but a day where he puts out his best, where he peaks. And you might ask, why is he trying to kill himself? He wants fundraising to raise some funds so he can pay his taxes and his "tax guy". The amount of money he is lookin to get (by 15th april) is...

17000 dollars.

Thats right, he needs the money, he needs it to pay his taxes. Again.

Now, one more important thing. The day before the big event, somebody found a way to troll muxy and send messages without paying (hopefully), so DSP might not gonna use notifications for tips, which might lead to less funds raised, because his paypigs only want attention.

Discussion just before the event starts here-ish.



WE He raised all 17000 dollars 1126 dollars in tips, which will help him in a big time is pretty low when we see he wanted at least half of the amount.

He also said he will repeat this marathon soon. Will update the post with the 11hours long restream when its done processing.


The full REEEEstream

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He don't
True & Honest Fan
On the outside chance he does the marathon (and he won't; the closest he'll get, as many others have already said, is one single session lasting less time than his two regular daily sessions), he'll waste the opportunity entirely when all he needs to do to make it well-attended is just play one of the dozen games his exceptional fans have been shitting their diapers for him to play for years. Just play Monster Hunter World or something. Something he's never touched so he goes in totally unprepared. Fans will be swarming to pay and be his live helpline and trolls will tune in in droves to laugh at him.

Been in the entertainment business for over a decade and still doesn't understand "give the people what they want". He always asks what people want to see but he'll only ever play his stable of ~two dozen games whenever he conceives one of this faggot "events".


plus mom issues
TL;DR Good job Phil I don't see any problems at all with this plan

A 16 hour "marathon stream" is on the face of it sort of an interesting proposal for Phelipe Paulo Brunelli. I might call him that because we're clearly in the presence of a born again streamer here.. a changed man whose reluctance to ever try anything new or interesting is the only thing truly tantamount to his greed. He's thinking outside the bahx while determined to continue living in one that has My Offise scribbled on the front.

I'm willing to give him a little credit honestly. It's baby steps toward some kind of acknowledgement that he needs to try something else - anything else. Even if it is motivated by pure fear and those baby steps are akin to TWO 20 minute adrenline-fuelled shuffle laps around the house that may well put him out of commission for a week. Being about 3 years too late is just the cherry on top.

I mean is it a good idea? Not really. Does he honestly expect anyone in their right mind to bring their sleeping bag to a 16 hour Uhmmmmsgiving sit-in and stay for the whole festival? I may be jesting because we know to sit and watch him at all for any prolonged period of time indicates an obvious spot of mental vacancy already. Doubly so since we know his idea of a 16 hour work day will be at a stretch, perhaps squeaking close to 9 actual hours of gaming if you should be so (un)lucky.

Seems a little interesting though given his natural propensity for absolute laziness and ocd scheduling that he's inviting in an additional 8 hours of real-time spedantry. Think about it like this.. in a typical pair of gasbag daily streams he can work around and hide the few scant aspects of his existence that vaguely resemble the life of an actual human being and not just a Twitch fapsimile of the one true ahriginal Youtube pioneer.

Chief among real life intrusions he'd like to insist he was holding back + blahcking to avoid would be any sort of feline interference. I mean he'd just die to have her there on the couch next to him.. a "welcome home baby" peck on the cheek after her own taxing day of work? Perish the thought. But we know he's terrified of any unscheduled stops that he himself hasn't fabricated in advance.

So can he really avoid her all day long? Short of setting it up so he ensures she has the day off in the first place I don't see how. And if she is around and can't even show up to support her man and their mutual plight for any length of time while he makes a martyr of himself to cast out the Money Changers well, that makes him look even more pathetic and dare I say it - suggest she doesn't actually even care about saving tha hause. The short answer is he can see her during one of the 17 piss breaks he's contractually obligated by himself to take.. or at least he can say he did but either way looks as weird on the page as it appears in my head.

In reality if it does happen it'll probably be every bit as dull as the rest of the show. Might even be worse with the resistance his body has developed to kickstart intoxication that he was banking on to get him through the hard times - aka hours 9 to 16 where his body is desperate to flail onto the couch downstairs and resume complete vegetative stasis. The only booster that can really light a fire under his ass is a stream of bits as far as the eye can see - just not his eye cuz that's about 4 feet in front of him. The cash could very well flow but over 16 hours? The "fun" is bound to dissolve long before the end and then you're in for some evolution of ResidentSleeper by way of his apnea; ResidentSnorter?

Still the mind ticks over with the possibility of unforseen errors and issues such a long run could invite in. Even a call from his parents mid-stream could give him an aneurysm. I've been bored shitless by him for a good while now so any alteration is welcome I guess?


Back in the day when he still gave a fuck and actually loved what he did, he would do 16+ hour entire game playthroughs on an almost daily basis. But that was then and this is now. He can't do his regular 2-3 hour sessions without being insufferably boring and yawning and dozing off. If he does go through with this it will not be smoothly. He'll cry about not getting enough support for it, about how tired he is from it, etc.

Best case scenario is it causes him plunge into insanity and he ends up slip dropping some stuff that spawns some fun new lores.


Peep, peep, RAWR!!!!!!111one
Appearantly he plans to take off the day before and day after, which means he will stream less on that 3days than an average 3 days. Nice.
Wait, he said he plans to take off the day BEFORE and the day after? Why the day before?

Okay, here's my breakdown of how this '16hr marathon' will go:
1015 posted Start Time on Twitter
1020 posts in chat he's setting up/going to brush his teeth
1030 starts his Muzax
1100 starts Pre-stream
1230 starts stream ( aka turns facecam on )
1430 takes a 20+min break
1500 resumes stream
1700 takes meal break
1800 post break pre-stream
1830 resumes stream
1930 takes 30+min break
2000 post break pre-stream
2030 resumes stream
2230 End of gameplay. Apologizes, but he has to stop the stream due to his health.
2300 End on marathon
Length of stream: 9hrs
Total gameplay: 7hrs


everything phil does, doesnt make a lick of sense... clearly something is fucky.

if you stand back and look at the whole thing its like im staring at a piece of paper with countless holes in it.

so what if this marathon barely raises funds, the funds of a normal day. and then he goes on to take the next day off as well. now hes even deeper in the hole. just when does phil get out of this hole? just when does phil start to consider lowering his means of living.

all this talk about taxes taxes taxes, not once have i heard him say something about i cut this out of my life, or did this, you dont even hear him say "I PLAN TO DO THIS". to cut his costs and save money, but thats part of his life and its noones concern right? what a convenient fucking excuse as you fill everyone in about your awful situation where we should feel sympathy for awful fucking life.

oop, got a bit aggresive at the end there, but its how i feel. phil is a liar, and a piece of shit. theres no need to dig deeper than that. anything that comes out that dudes mouth is some form of exaggeration, downplay, or straight up lie. who knows just where he stands in his life, cause you can never get a straight answer out of him


Feelin' Healthy
so what if this marathon barely raises funds, the funds of a normal day. and then he goes on to take the next day off as well. now hes even deeper in the hole. just when does phil get out of this hole? just when does phil start to consider lowering his means of living.
I posed this same type of question in another thread and @Prince Lotor reminded me of the correct answer.

DSP is NOT planning to ever get out of the hole.

DSP is the type of person who is only worried about paying the bills he owes when he owes them. He's a classic "make minimum payments forever" type. He's not even thinking about what might happen in 2020 or 2021; as long as he can pay the January 2019 bills, he's perfectly fine in his mind.

Either yesterday or the day before, DSP was talking about how even when he pays 2018 taxes this month then he'll have to pay 2019 taxes next January, then the year after that, then the year after that. So he "knows" that taxes are due every year, but he doesn't even attempt to plan for "maybe I should set aside some of my income in 2019 to pay taxes in 2020." He has no long term plan. Taxes to him are just another bill he's presented every year, like a yearly mortgage (I can't think of a good analogy).
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