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[24-9-2018] Death of Tutankhamunn

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by Null, Sep 25, 2018.

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no one can help you

  1. I don't know where the spergs in this board are talking about this so we're getting a new thread.

    Tutankhamunn is a coveted 'Saudi prince' donator, a/k/a a whale that donates thousands upon thousands of dollars to a single streamer. He has singlehandedly bankrolled Phil for months, allegedly buying almost 1000 gift subs for other viewers on the DSP stream. The fear and irritation is audible in Phil's voice.

    Other fans of DSP chased him away and the video above is Phil finding out. Tut is now apparently donating to Low-Tier God. Insh'allah, he may return to Phil.
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  2. Here's hoping he doesn't run into bugged suicide watch mechanics.
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  3. Longer sum-up of the saga. Thanks to @BrunoMattei for posting it in the main thread.

    I haven't been on DSP lately, but this is hilarious.
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  4. i really thought treating anyone including my mods that doesn't pay thousands of dollars a month on my shit content like utter trash was a good business model

    i may need to rework some things with this new information.
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  5. I love how this is all a result of whatever faggotry Sidella did.

    @SoapQueen1, you were right, I was wrong, I fully admit that now lmfao.
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  6. Funny videos and laughing at harmless autists? What do you think this is, @Null, kiwi farms?
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  7. I think he beheads a cat wearing ISIS garb somewhere in the video.
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  8. Slap it on the header! That'll drive the metrics way up! The internet loves controversy and sitting on animal abusers.
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  9. Am I the only one tired of hearing about "trolls"? The word as been so overused that it lost all its meaning.
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  10. From day one it was clear that wenn Tut leaves it would couse a big ruckus in the DSP universe. It was clear from the beginning that he wouldn't stick around for long and is/was most likely a troll.

    But alas he reminded us of how big of a greedy pig Phil is and just how toxic his own fan base is to newcomers.
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  11. What the fuck. So there are millionaires following streamers and giving money away just cause? Basically, twitch sugar daddies?

    I just noticed. He is playing Max Payne on the fucking PS2.
    Why? It is a good port, but the PC version is so much better and so easily accessible.
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    #11 BananaBlue, Sep 25, 2018
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
  12. Basically is DSP trying to play both sides of his autistic paypig war and ended up losing his prize paypig. Kino character arc tbh
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  13. Pretty much.
    DSP receives frequent "tardshielding" from certain individuals with a lot of money. He's gone through like five of them already or something. It almost always ended up with them being tired of his shit, and moving on.

    As for Tut, i think he'll come back though. DSP will try every sleazy trick he can to keep him around. He even mentioned talking to him via e-mails in that video. Somehow his shitty charisma sends soundwaves on the kind of frequency, exceptional paypigs with stockholm syndrome cannot resist.
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    #13 Moritsune, Sep 25, 2018
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  14. For all we know Tut wasn't even intending to be a troll. There are people out there who simply have a shitload of disposable income and want to support their favorite content creator and be part of a friendly online community. Tut simply found the wrong community to try and become a part of, and the funny thing is it's entirely Phil's fault. If he isn't ignoring the toxicity of his autistic fanbase, then he's enabling it.
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  15. IDK, but Null's animal abuse archive probably isn't Google friendly.
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  16. Lol. We all knew this was coming at some point. We all speculated on how Tut was going to end this Saga, whats entertaining most about this is not how it happened but the upcoming Gin-fueled ragefilled Dave once it sets in that Tut is not coming back. I expect a very hostile and floor-shitting Dave these coming weeks with a forecast of EMERGEN-REEEEEEEEEE thrown into the mix. I have my popcorn ready!
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  17. So if your business relationship is "This person will inexplicably pay me thousands of dollars a month to sit on my ass and play vidya to bitch about" how do you fuck that up? That's like my base state of being.
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  18. By having a fanbase of mentally unstable people who will chase them away and remove the rewarding experience of buying shit for other people.
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  19. Well, for once it seems that Phil will be in the right to yell and insults his fans.
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  20. Only when they question his ramblings or cost him money. Otherwise, he doesn't care. So much for being "intelligent people".
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