Australatina [24 Jan 19] Autistan is to be split in four - Autism Central plus three "Ciscadias"

The Dude

My dad says that's for pussies.
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I'm sure Phil has autistic names that only make sense to him for these places, but we all know they're really called the Socialist Republic of Autismlandia, the Soviet Union of Shitskins, the Duchy of Dirtpeople, and the Holy Sovereignty of Free Whites.


Last Gunman
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And this isn't even remotely canon either Phil.

Ciscadians as a whole are still pretty jazzed that their party's in office, though fear that they'll get the boot given 2018. Still, only the hardcore radicals are not happy with the situation; both English and Girian are openly allowed as languages for business, school, and even your precious signs since you got booted out of power back in 2016, and separatism and terrorism is at its lowest demand in decades. The real problem is fixing the police force, since several departments are threatening mutiny over a lack of pay and the threat of being audited for corruption.

Sorry to say you will not be getting another one of my threads until 2020 pigboy; since that's when Elections hit off; you want more, then write in the History thread; that one died off and there's a lot of blank spaces there.

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