Australatina [24 Jan 19] Autistan is to be split in four - Autism Central plus three "Ciscadias"


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Why does Australatina look like 70% of New York State?
Lolcows are very sheltered, so whenever they make up a fantasy land, it seems it's always based on where they live IRL. Phil made up Australatina when he lived next to NY, and Australatina was in New England (somehow).

But even after moving Australatina offshore, the weird shape stuck.
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Haha, just when I thought Phil's dumb little imaginary country couldn't get any stupider, he goes and does this. LOL. I can't help but wonder if his little destruction fantasies are a childish response to us making fun of him. Like when a kid breaks a toy in a temper tantrum to "prove" how grown up and mature they are. Phil thinks if he "ruins" Australatina that it will show us, or maybe he just thinks death, war, rioting and the like will make it more grown up somehow because it's more "serious" than rainbows and sonichus.

Of course the easiest way to get us to stop making fun of Australatina would be to simply stop talking about it, but hey, I'm not a total asshole. I can't speak for the rest of you, but if Phil at least did something with it, like tried to create a cohesive story or something, I'd at least have a little respect for him. Say what you will about Chris Chan but at least he created something, even if it's just mashing together existing properties and creating his own self-insert. The "lovequest" stuff was... bizarre and mostly unreadable, but fascinating in it's own way. The modern pony fan fiction much less so. Phil just spits out loads of maps and road signs that don't actually tell us anything, other than the fact that he thinks Gloucester is somehow Latino for some reasson...

The funny thing is, if we really wanted to destroy his imaginary country, I'm sure anyone on this board could write a hilarious scenario where that happens and Phil would just bounce like an exceptional individual.

Why does Australatina look like 70% of New York State?
I've noticed the same thing...


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How did the whites get their own buntustans despite Phil claiming a 1:2.4 latinx-anglo kill ratio?
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TX Penal Code Sec. 9.31: Fuck Around and Find Out
Phil believes that white people are inherently superior and so their reduced numbers are no obstacle.
Is that why he gave up land to them that wasn't even controled by the whites?

Also how shit must one's nation be to instantly balkanize after less than a month of unrest.
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Is the Australatinan government “good”? Or did Phil invent what he conceives of as an oppressive nation?

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