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[24-Jan-2019] ACKs the King Ep. 74It's that time again

Discussion in 'Phil Burnell / DarkSydePhil' started by Haunter, Jan 24, 2019.

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no one can help you

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  1. More double-talk and new claims.Phil opened the The Ask the King Episode 74 – January 24, 2019 Questions Thread on TKOHF on November 22, 2018. By January 24, 2019, it had amassed 20 questions: 3 that were from a troll, and 4 that were from Derichloveslemur.

    @Mr.PiggyOinkOinkOink noted him complaining about the lack of questions on January 21, 2019. Phil finally took to remedy this lack on Twitter at 10:50 AM, the morning the questions were needed.

    Credit where credit is due, I didn't expect him to timestamp each question.

    Viewers are reminded that pledging to his Patreon will “guarantee” their questions will be answered on the next episode. He adds about questions attached to Cheers/Tips: “I can't just drop [unintelligible] and answer your question and give you a shout out for your contribution”, and “to save it for the final segment of the show”. He forgets this warning within 10 minutes to “guarantee” answers to the questions attached to Cheers/Tips.

    3:49 Would I still stream even if the worst case scenario happens in April?

    He “has to raise alotta money” by April. He did get “a large sum of money” that he's expecting “some time in February” (vague with numbers and dates). This large sum (about $12K) is only “maybe half” of what he needs, “if that” (about $16K).

    Recounting past financial hurdles:

    -“For about a month I didn't have any ad revenue on Youtube” (this is specified 20 minutes later to “over 3 weeks”). If he's talking about the July 20, 2018 boot he got out the Curse door, Drgnkiller quotes him as saying this was “2 1/2 weeks”.

    -It wasn't just that Phil's old “tax attorney” informed him here's no Business Tax in Washington State, a previous claim. It's that the “tax attorney” “didn't do my taxes properly”.

    -“The fact that I changed my videos on Youtube to be longer, which then also reduced my ad revenue”. As far as I know, this is a new claim.

    -“People like tutankhamunnn came in” (as if there was more than one) who's “contributions” “basically stopped contributions for like, two months”. As far as I know, this is also a new claim. The accusation's been that tutankhamunnn hindered “contributions”, not altogether “stopped” them.

    -There was apparently no annual Holiday increase in ad revenue.

    9:30 If I had an option to take a "stable job" to support me, would I?

    There's exists no job in America that's “job secure”. This prevents him from looking for other employment. He's “probably gonna be doing this [steaming] for a much more longer time”.

    Though he warned that he would only be entertaining stream question after the show, he accepts a “Top Cheer” asking why he would take a day off while in financial desperation. This question and those that follow aren't included in Phil's timpstamps. The Cheer question is met with a mocking voice, insults, dismissive laughter, and ranting: “You know nothing about reality”.

    After his rant, he continues to read Bit Cheers messages. One asks why Phil often gets sick: “Wrong!” This leads to a Post-Nasal Drip rant.

    Blames throat problems on a fire extinguisher that went off while filming Project 7: “Since then, my throat has never been the same”.

    Next Cheer question, asking why he could take a week off back when he was making crazy money. Again, a mocking rant, “Nothing you asked today made any logical sense”.

    Notice how long the time between the previous question and the next one is compared to all the rest.

    24:05 Thoughts on WWE's holiday-type gimmick matches?

    Basic wrestling talk.

    26:35 Goals for 2019?

    Goal #1: He “gets a viewer base that doesn't care” what he's playing, “a core group a people”. “It's a key to success”. 10 minutes later: “Thank goodness that”... “people like watching what I do, no matter what”.

    Goal #2: “By the end of the year, I don't have to rely on Youtube anymore”.

    A third aside Goal is the resolution of the financial burdens. Things brings up worries of “a payment plan he can't afford”. Is this the first time Phil's ever used the term “Payment Plan”? Skepticism around Phil's tax story has been furthered by the disbelief that he hasn't been put on one yet.

    3 more Cheer/Tip questions, including one asking how he plans to achieve Goal #1. “The bottom-line is” to “listen to your feedback”. 10 minutes later, he tells his viewers they like his stream: “You love this”, even though later he says: “it's Youtube's fault %100” that he's a steamer now (to further complicate this back-and-forth, during the lamentations of financial set-backs during the first question, it was the trolls that made “Youtube not financially viable anymore”).

    If you give him “feedback” that you don't like that he's no longer providing the game reviews you want, “What can I say, look to someone else for your game reviews”.

    34:53 What kind of music do I listen to/get exposed to now? How has my taste in music evolved?

    Basic music talk.

    Reveals more of Kat's weeb sensibilities, liking Japanese metal girl-group Baby-Metal, and Korean Pop.

    To relax, rather than listening to music, he prefers grinding in mobile games.

    37:27 Why did I stop doing game reviews?

    He “was known as one of the better game reviewers on Youtube”. Phil was dissuaded from continuing his game reviews because “Youtube began de-monetizing edited style content videos”. Once again, a new claim as far as I konw. Re-counts the success of KO-Gaming: “My reviews were getting tons of views. One of them got a million views that year”. Without warning, Youtube changed their policies and de-monetized all of KO-Gaming's videos, while leaving his “raw” videos unmolested.

    That Guy With The Glasses is a “one trick pony”, and so is Angry Joe (this second mention is prefaced by saying “I think Angry Joe does some of the best game reviews out there”). For someone that doesn't watch other Youtubers, Phil somehow recounts what Angry Joe used to tell his audience.

    44:05 Why do people love spoiling everything (like game play before a game is released) on YouTube?

    Basic spoiling-everything talk.

    Laying out his opinion, he confusedly combines those that maliciously reveal twist endings with those that reveal too much during reviews: Basically, “To fuck people over”.

    More Cheer questions, with a sleight at streamers who dye their hair as a goal. This is an “immature stunt” done by people who pretend “to be a cartoon character on stream”, and this attracts “immature people”.

    50:50 Would I ever do a renegade femshep play-through?

    This question was specifically about him doing it during his “down-time”.

    52:05 What game would I go back to and play if I wanted to?

    For some reason he doubts that the Suikoden series is at all emulated, making them available to him.

    53:59 Thoughts on only playing 2 games at a time like other streamers?

    More back-and forth on playthroughs of games he likes VS playthroughs of games he's obligated to do for money:

    -If he limits himself to only 2 games and viewers aren't happy with those choices, “I won't see those viewers for weeks”.

    -He no longer rushes through games like he used to. He now will “pick and choose the games” that he likes.

    -However, if during the “Hardcore Gaming Season” he were to miss “a ton of great games” by not “juggling” them, he would simply “never play them”.

    He's all over the place.

    He's sucking on a lozenge and smacking his lips a lot. It's unbearable.

    Begins by thanking his Patreon supporters. Rather then use a text crawl like he's done in the past, he reads their names from a printed off sheet.

    Forum poster “Richie 7” asked 3 questions and gets them all answered. Forum poster Derichloveslemur asked 4 questions, and only got the one.

    1:42 Why can't I rent out my condo in Connecticut?

    "I don't live in Connecticut. I can't walk into the place to see what's actually going on”, “I would have to hire a professional... to fix whatever is the problem”. Phil's not a handy-man. If he still lived in Connecticut, he'd still have to hire a professional to fix property problems.

    “Being a landlord is not easy. It's a lot of work, it's a lot of stress, and it's expensive”. Phil explains later that he was “allowing my elderly aunt to live there”, “and she lived there for a good 2-3 years”.

    Recounts the story of another Youtuber's rental nightmare. Again, how does he know this when he “doesn't follow other Youtubers”.

    A rental company “would probably take half” of what he'd be making back from renters. @SoapQueen1 corrects Phil's assessment here:


    This excuse is backed with: “There is not a single reputable rental management company in that area of Connecticut that will touch that condo with a ten foot pole”.

    The part of Connecticut that Phil's condo is located in is considered “lower income, not as good”. Why in God's name would you purchase property there, then?

    13:17 Is there a genre of game that I enjoy playing more offline, such as survival horror?

    "I think seeing a jump scare and laughing at it collectively... is actually better than just playing it offline and... getting scared”.“And let's face it: Tense games, scary games, a lot of people can't handle them. When you can experience that game live, it basically takes that element away”. This entirely misses the point of survival horror games.

    16:15 What is the story behind the cowboy hat?

    Recounting his tournament trip to Nashville, he specifically describes Howard as one of his “friends”. This had been doubted here before.

    Answers a Cheer question, and gives a shoutout to a new subscriber.

    The Patreon and TKHOF questions exhausted, he leads now into the Twitter questions.

    20:15 Best/Worst thing from the DSP Tries It series?

    In the previous part, a stream question asked what his favourite moment was during his career as a content creator. Phil responded that he doesn't have one, because he doesn't think in “absolutes”. Here he energetically dives into the consideration of these “absolutes”.

    After eating a Wendy's salad, he was unable to “stop shitting and puking”.

    More stream shoutouts (reminder that he said he wouldn't be doing these).

    A Cheer question baits him into a speed-talking rant about John Rambo. “He was completely dishonest”, “insulting me on the internet”, “John didn't respect me”. “Sadly, I unfortunately have zero interest in doing anything else with him unless he was gonna come and basically man-up and apologize to me.”

    Subscriber shoutout.

    29:04 What is my most anticipated game of 2019?

    Shenmue 3 is among his most anticipated games of 2019, despite recently resisting viewers' requests for him to play Shenmue 2.

    29:53 How have I changed as a person over the years?

    He was a “moron” then, “very, very stubborn and obstinate”, “everything's Black-And-White”, but no longer, now that his “brain's completely re-wired itself”. “Now, I actively try to look from the perspective of the other person”, you know the routine. “Now a lot of the time I'll see questions, bait question, and I won't answer them anymore” (never mind the heated Rambo rant minutes ago).

    Back when Phil was popular, Phil had “a lot of clout in the gaming community”.

    Considers himself now among the “fore-front” by being a full-time streamer: “There's alotta people behind me making edited videos”. Reminder that Phil claimed in the previous part that Youtube de-monetized “edited style content videos”.

    37:01 Thoughts on people trying to "get clout" by bringing up things that people did in the past, as if they happened today?

    “Imagine someone still goes after me for a video I put out late 2010”, “'Oh my god! That was the one time Phil did something that was seen as offensive and racist'”. Compares himself to celebrities when their careers are tarnished by political correctness.

    Phil quotes Kat as saying: “Back then, you used to be so vulgar”, possibly revealing her previous Phandom.

    Compare “Back then, you used to be so vulgar” to these quotes taken yesterday by @Surly Muppet: "He had a really big turd stuck, and as he shat it out, his telekinesis blew out all the windows", "I still remember when I was a baby and my grandparents were changing my diaper, and I shat a turbo turd all over the wall". (sources here and here)

    Recounts the rise and fall of the creators of the “This is How You Don't Play movement”, and the SOK. Again, how does he know this? The fall of the SOK is misunderstood as having been due to a fickle audience.

    43:46 Do I still have my wisdom teeth, and do they ever bother me in any way?

    Still has all his wisdom teeth, and they cause him recurring pain: “I don't know what's going on”. No mention of a dentist.

    Another Twitter question about his self-improvement that for some reason is not included in the timestamps. He no longer rages, etc. You know the routine. The only times he “really loses it” is during a lagging fighting game, and the contemporary “fucked up” Call of Duty. Never mind the “clout-chasers” rant minutes ago.

    There's no mods in the chat, forcing Phil to deal with trolls.

    “Even TotalBiscuit”misunderstood his self-given moniker “The King of Hate”. As always, how does he know this?

    50:43 What happened with Machinima? (they are now defunct)

    The “(they are now defunct)” was added by Phil.

    Maichima was a“jack-of-all-trades, master of none”. This caused them to “bleed money”, forcing them to have to “look for more investors”. Sounds familiar...

    Phil did some research into Machinima's last CEO, discovering he only given his CEO position because of his wealth. “A complete fucking moron”, “a rich bitch”. “This guy single-handedly destroyed the company”. Never mind the above explanation of “jack-of-all-trades” and “bleeding money”.

    Not only that: “Oh, and by the way, that guy was responsible for getting rid of my Machinima partnership. I never told you guys about that before, but now that Machinima doesn't exist anymore, I can tell you.”

    “Because I had emailed my old contact... my old contact was head of the Partnership Program... and then the next day I got an Automated Log Service from Machinima saying, 'Don't you dare send emails internally to us ever again'... So I come to find out, this guy that took over Machinima, after he disbanded the Partner Program and everything himself... He was taking in the emails from the Partnership Program guys that no longer worked there anymore. He saw my email, and personally complained to the people at the Automated Logs, saying, 'Why aren't you people handling this', and they said, 'Oh, well we're doing our best, but this guy's complaining cuz his livelihood's gonna be lost, or whatever'. Apparently, the guy looked into it, and said, 'Alright, well then, just get rid of him, then'”.

    More confusion, double-talk, and new claims.

    The questions in the last two parts and the first two questiona here had been written and sent to Phil. Without this ready record, Phil simply just didn't bother timestamping those that came from the stream.

    Begins the video with a Cheer question.

    0:46 Have I ever bought a Twitch subscription to another streamer?

    “Have I ever “bought” a Twitch subscription to another streamer,” with air-quotes and emphasis on “bought”. He has “never paid out-right for a Twitch subscription”, because he has a Twitch Prime subscription:

    -“I don't watch other streamers”. He recounts watching a few streams of Tolomeo “back in the day”, “2 years ago”: Phil had gotten chummy with Tolomeo up until early May 2018, when Tolo cut contact with him. mtcdood records Tolo outlining his rebuff here. It was Phil's claiming that Tolo was disappointed in Monster Hunter World, an attempt to make his own avoidance of the game justifiable, that cost him his growing friendship (source).

    Phil “would just kinda throw” his free sub “out there”, “sometimes to Tolo. I know I gave it once to [he struggles here to recall the name] Sabin, Arturto Sanchez”:

    -Phil was a Moderator on NYCFurby's channel. On December 4 2018, in a rare appearance outside of his hug-box, Phil arrived in chat to shit-talk the game being played and to bother the viewers. Somalia Julius Cruz compiles the happenings here (the Twitch VOD itself can be viewed here. Phil appears around 2:03:00.) By December 9, Phil was de-Modded from NYCFurby's channel (source). “When I'm away from streaming, I don't want to be watching Twitch”.

    2:31 Hobbies outside of gaming?

    The second part of this question is: “Would you ever consider sharing or doing a stream involving those hobbies?”

    Explains that is was the emergence of the internet that burst the 90's bubble of comic book popularity.

    “Really the hobby for most of my life was competitive Street Fighter, where from the late 90's to 2007-2008 my hobby was travelling. 10 plus years, I would travel to play Street Fighter”.“10 plus years” was “most of my life”?

    “Once I started doing this [streaming] for a living, the only hobbies that I have are, ya know, wrestling”. That's been his only hobby for the “10 plus years” he's been “doing this for a living”?

    This leads to the another mention of the late “Smark Guys”, the wrestling show Phil did with Rambo. And of course, this leads to another slight of Rambo for being “dishonest” .

    8:00 Stream opens up to stream chat questions/interactions

    He crushes water-bottles so “they don't take up alotta room at the landfill”, but then immediately follows this by saying they're also recyclable: By crushing the water-bottle, it can some how be recycled “right away”. To end his water-bottle talk: “I know this is a pet peeve of alotta people”, proceeds to make a production out of crushing the water-bottle he is drinking.

    Because of “the changes I've instituted over the last few years that people have mellowed out in a lot of ways. I get messages everyday about people, like, 'I used to be a Hater of yours, but I'm not anymore'”. The “mainstream 'Fuck Phil, he's a piece of shit'” has “waned”, and “isn't as prominent anymore”.

    Between about 22:40 and 22:58 you can tell he's shaking his leg by the vibration carrying to the out-stretched folds of his shirt.

    23:10-34:43 Heated, long Detractor rant that is continually renewed with stream questions:

    -“Mentally ill”, “defamation”, “theft”, "brain-dead fucking idiot”, “immoral”, you know you routine.

    -In his recounting of last years doxings, says “that Mod that they really hated, that person got banned from Twitch”. As far as I know, this is the first time Phil's revealed he knows that @BSV was banned from Twitch.

    -“Over the years I've gotten great criticism, great feedback from people who may not even be considered fans of mine, and I've implemented a lot of changes and things into my stuff over the years to make it better”.

    -Phil's life would “100%” get “better from a trolling perspective if Youtube died”. “Youtube is 100% the reason why all of this happened”.

    -He includes Jake and Logan Paul as “people who do this for a living”. His definition of “trolling” encompasses anyone who makes a living off “drama” videos.

    -Knows that "Twitch got rid of the people that were doing that shit to me”. As far as I know, this is the first time Phil's revealed he knows that “the people that were doing that shit to me” (TXT, Bhil Phurnell, and Tevin) were banned from Twitch.

    More lies, self-obliviousness, and possible new revelations.
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    #1 Haunter, Jan 24, 2019
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  2. Clout chasers are people who steal his content, re-edit them and insult Phil. They're riding Phil's coat-tails.

    Kindly requesting mods change "Ask the King" to "ACKs the King"
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    #2 AnonymousDimwit, Jan 24, 2019
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    AnonymousDimwit Guns don't kill people - the government does.

  3. What i have heard so far of this AtK it is the same as before, he twist questions in to how good he is and how evil every detractor and other streamers are!
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    Dragoonism Es gibt keine Fakten, nur Interpretationen.

  4. Absolutely pathetic Ask the Pig today. It's so bizarre to see how much he lacks any self-awareness.

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    Awful Meerkat

    Awful Meerkat Mr Views

  5. From what I get, he's just revealing how he treats his girlfriends like toys and trophies, which isn't really too shocking.

    Don't really know or bother though, since Pig's never really worth listening to, especially since this is the 10,000th time he's gone through his song and dance routine of refusing to grow up and stop being such a low-T, immature pissbaby who can't take Ls.
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    Adamska Last Gunman
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  6. Someone asked if he likes any craft beer and his response: I don't know what that is.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. TFW you're literally so afraid of giving an opinion of what booze you chug at night while sobbing about the misery of "hard work" and "bribing a woman to be your trophy to show off" you can't even nut up and name the brand when asked by someone. Unless Pigroach is just such a depressed wreck his answer is "any", which wouldn't shock me too much if that was the case.

    Seriously, I don't get this weebling and wobbling. He's such a menstruating woman that he can't stand the idea of any brands he might actually like being critiqued.
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    Adamska Last Gunman
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  9. Reason why he drinks bottled water!
    1. Bottled water taste better than tap water!
    2. A bottle is better to have on the table than a huge open glas!
    3. Bottles don't take much space on a landfill and they got recycled right away anyway!
    4. Bottles keeps the cold much longer than glas just because the screw cap!
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  10. Claims he was planning a charity stream a few years ago and even arranged for other kahntent creators to join him, but of course those goddamn trolls ruined everything.
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  11. Lolol awww you're heartwarming. You presume he isn't actually too god damn stupid to know what it is & he's just a coward?

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    Nurse Ratchet

    Nurse Ratchet See this? This is teh rawk.
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  12. Refuses to talk to big time detractors since they are only out to hurt him and not intrested in talking to him!
    A number of them asked him to changed and he now have... 10 years late and pretty much only minimal!

    Brought up the "olive branch" he tried to give out a year ago, you know the one where he made demands and promised nothing in return, now claimed that he promised to do nothing against detractors but no one accepted it!
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    Dragoonism Es gibt keine Fakten, nur Interpretationen.

  13. I'm staring into the abyss on this one, I think we need a transcript of this new bullshit:

    A goal - I'll be very honest with everyone, a goal for the future I really would like to do - and this is me being very honest - I don't know if I'll ever be able to do it. I want to do a charity stream. I want to do a stream where (Low Burp) I'm in a good enough financial position, I don't have to worry about not streaming for a day, where it's not going to hurt me to the point where I do a nice charity event, where I can stream and do random stuff, and raise money for a good cause. I've always wanted to do it, and I've told this story before - I'll tell it again. (Sniff)

    2015 was gonna be the year I was gonna do it, I had it all planned out, I had the charity lined up, I had the means to do it, I actually had two people that were going to be Celebrity Guests on the stream - other, other content creators that were gonna show up and do it. Umm... And I had an event planned where I was gonna be like classy [Unintelligible] that I was gonna do for this event.

    And then that, that year 2015 was the year that I got [Gesturing wildly at his hand] false copyright strikes against my channel, massive trolling, I got doxxed, um not doxxed excuse me, SWATted, and after all that happened I guess I'm cancelling the event because there's no way I could do it in good conscience, people would do whatever they could to fuck with me. Shut me off the internet, you know - get - you know, get me in trouble here, and basically just make the event miserable. I ended up that year not doing it, I cancelled everything, and since then I never bothered to do it again.

    Has he ever mentioned this mystery charity and these mystery "Celebrity Guests" before? And does he really think "I'd do a charity stream, but I have to have a lot of money AND I have to make enough myself to justify my time not working" paints him in a good light? I thought he said he doesn't talk about all the money he gives to charity, does all the money he totally would have, I'm serious guys given to charity somehow count differently?
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  14. Have heard him mention this charity even 1-2 before, never said what charity or who the guest was supposed to be!

    Just pointing out a thing he mention later on, while answering the question!
    He claim that people does charity behind the scene in order to take some of the money for themselves, refers to ALS ice bucket challenge and how people used it only to look good and never donated anything at all, unlike him who didn't do it and didn't donate!


    Gets asked who he would have as bestman if he got married?
    Phil: Kate only have 2 friends localy from her job and i dont have time with it!
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  15. :lol: Done.
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  16. Either or, but since he's super desperate to pretend he's a macho man with a big boy job, I'm chalking it to his innate cowardice this time. Mostly added because while you can be as dumb as bricks, you usually can at least give a favorite item at that time, or even a couple of favorites if you can't decide.
    He's mentioned it once or twice, but honestly he never bothered to go through with it. He's just trying to use this as if he actually did go through with a charity, mostly to pretend he isn't horrifically greedy and can indeed be a good boy worthy of some tendies.
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    Adamska Last Gunman
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  17. wait, wait ,wait. I thought the point of the ice bucket challenge was to do the challenge or donate. The purpose of the ice bucket challenge was to spread awareness. I even remember some videos said they would donate the money and do the challenge anyway!
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  18. He doesn’t have time for what?
    To make a “friend” who would stand up next to him on the altar? What a life.
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  19. that fucking best man question is brutal.

    just auction it off to the paypigs. you get the money and they can read a faggy message at the toast, it'll be like a normal day at the "office"
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  20. Oh dear god please let that be a troll.
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