24 Sep 2019 - Phil Slices Up America Like Pizza! -


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Partition proposal for the so-called United States of America.

Latinx, Indigenous, and Black folx are going to be getting the better chunks of the former empire

Not sure what to do with Oregon (where I live). Give it to Canada, Give it to Aztlan. Independent multiracial Antifa state with Latinx and Indigenous government calling the shots.

So many possibilities, but definitely these areas likely going to be Socialist as fuck, not saying that like it's a bad thing ⭐

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I like how he assumes that those three groups would live harmoniously and not be at war with each other in a heartbeat (news flash for Philip, blacks may be okay with kicking out ypipo, but injuns and beaners both know they'd make powerful allies).

Even funnier is him thinking all those casino-owning tribes would be 100% okay with switching over to socialism.

Stupid guinea dago.

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Even Philth, with all his SOCIALISM WOW! nonsense, seems to realize that's there no way in fucking hell the Midwest and N.E. States join in on this magical LARP that he created himself.

I'm not sure what that says really.

Also, what a shock that he's got a giant Native American space cut out there but fuck all those tribes from the UNITED STATES (REMNANT). I guess the evil white cis male fasict heteronormative patriarchal racists just get to keep mistreating them. There's so much wrong here, I'm just going to stop now.