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Marjan Šiklić

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I just have to pick myself off the floor when that lunatic with 24 cocksinhiswife talks about logic/science. He never provided any evidence for his claims at all, and he has claims does he? Unverifiable, up-for-debate nonsensical liberal claims. 24cocks, humanities and social sciences aren't as exact as natural sciences. Hell, even these are still debated and this fucking lunatic wants 2+2=4 type of evidence while constantly claiming 2+2=5.
I know it's just the syphilis his whore "wife" infected him with (if he can make bs false diagnoses online so can I) but the gall is just amazing.

And all the while he makes the most outrageous claims about LIVES and PAST of others. Thonis didn't kiss because women see he hates them though 24cocks has no idea even if Thonis approaches and how often and, um, provides no evidence women wouldn't like that, I have a "disease" which I was never diagnosed with, TFO rejected me when nobody initially accepted me as much as she did (what happened later was different, but that was past the point at which some rejection could have happened etc).

He is Steve Shives of this shithole. A completely ignorant specimen of how feminism can destroy what was born as a biological male. I wouldn't be surprised to know he really has syphilis.


"Hate Crimes in Cyberspace"
"provides no evidence women wouldn't like that" you can't prove a negative, stop trying to logic ur bad at it.
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