25/03/2021 Killstream Ranch with Milo Yiannopoulos - 14 naked Black cowboys in the showers at Killstream Ranch! 88 naked White cowboys want to be fucked!

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Just finishing watching the latest episode of the Christian Weston chandler documentary.

Strangely enough Milo yiannopoulos is actually featured in "bullying" Chris showing him as an example of what happens when the troons "get to power".

It would be pretty amazing if somebody could enquire about this matter


lol Nick is moving out of his mom's house into his own Groyper General Streamer House?
Yeah the Groyper Command Post for impressionable AnalFirst bois. I just hope he has something perfectly juvenile in his own house. Like a Golden Corral chocolate fountain.


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High Tea

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Milo says in every interview lately that he's "done this country a great service". Talk about a savior complex.

Ralph mentions yet again that he was the first person to interview Candace Owens. Ralph simps so hard for her. It's one of his top accomplishments.
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Thomas Highway

I find it all so amusing.
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Warski and Milo have the same dark circles under their eyes.

Ralphs face is too bloated for them to show I guess.

Tom Myers

And so it goes...
The stream replay has some sort of jab from Milo towards Ralph cut out, but the HIV accusation wasn't cut. Does anyone have the missing piece(s)?