[25 July 2020] Jonathon Yaniv "cat fished" - Caught meeting child at children's hospital who didn't exist -

Mr. Brown

Rebel news are about to premier a story that seems to involve ya boi Jonathon Yaniv who went to meet a child at a children's hospital who didn't exist.

Rebel news were "tipped off" to this and filmed it.


Source: https://twitter.com/RebelNewsOnline/status/1287047455775719425

Rebel News Video:

TLDR for the video:

- Yaniv and his mother flew from BC where they live to Toronto.
- Jonathon got into an online relationship with a women online who said she would be in Toronto to take her sick child to hospital there
- The women Jonathon was dating sent him 1 photo, but this was enough for Jonathon to jump on a plane and travelled 3000 miles to meet this women
- The women told Jonathon to NOT meet them in Toronto
- Rebel news saw Jonathon outside his hotel
- Jonathon states "I knew it was you" to the journalist, which kind of confirms the Rebel catfish story
- Jonathon then phones police
- Jonathon mother gets mad about misgendering saying "why are you humiliating him"
- Standard "get away from me" ensues, as Jonathon walks towards the Rebel journalist
- More autistic meltdown ensues
- Jonathon bought his own toilet paper to a hotel?!?
- Jonathon tells the police the journalist had a gun according to a stand by witness
- Police arrive
- Yanivs mother films a car
- Police tell them to film and not talk
- Rebel need money blah blah blah

Video summed up:
It seems like Rebel are twisting facts. Jonathon had an online chat with a "women" who was a catfish. Jonathon learned this women was going to be in Toronto with her sick child. Jonathon flew to Toronto to meet the women (3000 miles) apparently when the fake women told him NOT to go (rebel showed no proof of that...).

Then standard Yaniv-Meets-Journalist.mp4 plays.
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"I am suicidal if you don't believe me ask my mum"
Does Jonathan ever go anywhere without his mother? Even to go meet his online 'girlfriend' and her supposed daughter in another province, she's there with him.
Come on, who would he have to hide behind or push forward to deal with the "nasties" out to get him. All bullying seasoned predators need their mommas.


"I am suicidal if you don't believe me ask my mum"
Just for info...

@Short Stack Here you go
Someone's in dire need of waxing.

Looks like his gut is not the only thing expanding, either that or his hat shrunk in the wash.

Why is he wearing obvious falsies?
When your gut is way bigger than your moobs you gotta try anything and everything.
When even falsies fail...
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a women... this women... a "women"...

Anyway, why the hell would you meet a woman with a sick child at the hospital? Why is that the place where you prey on somebody, even if you're under the impression that the catfish likes you? With COVID19, I'd imagine that there would be heightened security and stricter visitation.

Then again, why does yaniv do any of the shit that he does?