[26-Mar-2020] Philip's 341 Creditor Meeting - When what should be 5 minutes becomes an eternity.

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[Mod Edit: @nohandsboi signed up here the day of the Phil's bankruptcy conference call (a couple hours prior to its start, in fact) expressing an especial interest in it

I will when it's his turn. Might also have a couple questions. We'll see.
You have no idea who I am or what my interest in the case is.
He linked to his Twitch channel, "http://twitch.tv/fatbalddracula", where he was streaming the call. The VOD for the stream's since been deleted from this channel. The channel description still recommends viewers donate money to the popular Youtube "Detractor" Tevin


Eventually the streamer himself joined the bankruptcy call, claiming to represent Citibank and was buying Phil's debt.

Yeah right.

He certainly let everyone proceed with the belief that he was somehow representing Citi.

J: Ok. Are there any creditors on the line.
J: Ok. Your name please?
J: Spell your last name.
J: And you're with CitiBank?
J: You have questions you want to ask Mr. Burnell?
P: Hmm
R: When did you realize you needed to file?
P: Oh. Uh, we filed-

R: Um, Nancy, there, I-I'm not sure if this person is for CitiBank.
E: I'm sorry, excuse me?
R: I'm not sure, are you? I-I'm- Are you really-
E: I'm calling uh, I'm calling representing CitiBank, yes Citipoi- What are you talking about?
R: Right, are you an attorney, or like, what's your position at CitiBank, or? Uh, this doesn't seem um-
E: This seems like a, sort of an attempt to back out of answering the very transparent question reviewing these files, which is that he has $5000 a month in business expenses, which does not make any sense.
R: Why would collections from CitiBank appear on a case, so this seems a little strange. We'll answer the questions. But it's just-
E: Ok, great.
R: I mean, we've been answering the questions.

He pretty unambiguously straight up claimed he was "representing" Citi at a court hearing. I hope he's actually licensed to practice in the district.

Note: the audio was really bad at both of these points so it's possible the official audio the court has will clear this up but I'm not seeing how it could. Also it wouldn't have what he said before being allowed on the conference call in the first place, which could also put it in a better context, I suppose.
@actually and myself attempted to confirm nohandsboi's identity as a legitimate debt buyer. While nohandsboi was cooperative, unfortunately, at the time, the site was under maintenance, with images failing to upload. As of writing this, nohandsboi hasn't returned to the site since the day of the call.

If they're wise they'll abandon the account and cover their tracks. Unless they actually represent Citibank that shit was probably seriously illegal.
It remains unknown whether or not nohandbois is legitimate and has purchased Phil's debt.]

This teleconference hearing is brutal, bunch of fucking boomers that don't know how to mute their phones.

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I thought we had already sorted out that without proper identification you won't get on the line? Maybe a nice try to make the piggy squeal, but I guess Roachelle already will have ensured him that no detractor can call in.

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