[26-Mar-2020] Philip's 341 Creditor Meeting - When what should be 5 minutes becomes an eternity.

John Deeretractor

What is your goal here? Do you just want to shove him onto a C13 and fuck him up for a while or are you hopeful of collecting your debt?
My assumption is that C7 would mean the debt buyer losing their investment so my guess is that he's hoping for C13 or ideally having the bankruptcy dismissed entirely. Even C13 means the debt couldn't be collected in whole. Citi presumably was selling because, in their estimation, there's a low chance that the debt will be collected. They probably look at thousands of these things a day and have some quick process through which they determine which debts they'll fight to collect and which they'll try to sell off which is how our lad ended up in possession of some of DSP's debt.

Either way pretty entertaining stuff today. The ride truly never ends with this guy.


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so how does the trustee in washington getting paid? is it a flat rate for every case or does she get more the more she squeezes out of the proach?
Oh wow, so Pig is actually wasting money with a lawyer to fight the bankruptcy?

Jesus, he really is desperate to keep that manchild manor if he's going for this. I guess he realized that since it has equity, it'd be the first thing the creditors would want to rip from him. That or hearing one of the people he owes money to wanting to tell him to fuck off must have spooked him into action.


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To the guy who called on behalf of Chase did you not get the revised form where he changed his expenses from 5,000 to around 3,800?


If Phil put things (games, consoles, etc) on credit after October and still possesses them, they're up for repo.

I hope Citiboy is petty af and manages to pry physical releases from Phil's clammy hands if somehow this doesn't get pushed to 13.

But really, Nancy shunting him to the end of the line is the biggest tell there's blood in the water.

der rademacher

$3,800 is still a ridiculous amount for Phil to be claiming for monthly business expenses.
Depends on how much the "suits" actually understand about vidjagaym streaming. If Dave thinks he is able to fraud them into believing he needs to buy one game for every stream that would be 26 (30 days minus 4 days off) x 2 x 60 bucks = 3,120.00 $. Ridiculous, yes, but I cannot think of anythng else he might come up with, as long as he does not count the mortgage as business expenses.


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One thing I picked up on that I don’t think anyone else has mentioned - Dave’s description of Tips and their apparent absence from his income.

anyone else find it weird that he made a point to say yeah I do get tips sometimes but my tax guy said they are like tips if you are a waiter. He was trying to subtly imply that these tips really are what we’ve always speculated about. Tax free donations.

1. I think he’s digging his hole deeper tax wise
2. He hasn’t listed these Kahn-tributions as part of his income (which they are)

I really hope Nancy fucks him hard soon.