FIGGIN [28 Dec 18] Phil has another nightmare, excuse me, power fantasy - Attention whoring at 4 am


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Thread: CN Nightmare/more like holy shit dream .

. . . Russell Schultz (the Proud Boys jackass) pulls a gun on me at a antifascist counter-protest at a Patriot Prayer rally and I manage to overpower his old ass and grab his gun out of his hand and pull it back on him. I woke up from the dream immediately before anything else happened but --- this has sure been a serious concern about fash pulling guns on antifascist counter-protesters here in Portland for quite some time these last couple of years.

The reality of it is that a million things can go wrong if somebody on the fash side brings guns and brandishes one against the Antifascist counter-protesters and aligned people counter-protesting Patriot Prayer. What kind of serious commotion and/or pandomium that can cause.

But reality. What do we Portland Antifascists do in such a scenario should this ever occur?



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Dear diary,

Today I fantasized about being a badass to the leader of the fascist bootlickers and if I still had a dick, it would be hard as Mao's laws right now.

I just wish someone from the flash side brings a gun so we can sperg about it for decades to come. It could even spark the anarco-communist revolution Sasuke promised me so many years ago.

I'm gonna publish it on Facebook so those fuckers at Kiwi Farms know I'm business. They won't dare to fuck with someone able to dream such vivid and powerful images of badassery.

Lol, just kidding, Philly-boi doesn't have the will to keep a diary up to date.
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I would seriously rather listen to a Basic White Girl (TM) in Starbucks tell me about how she dreamed she was on fire and her dad put her out with a big hose. This would include breaking out her Pinterest list on dream interpretation and the lecture about how Mercury is in retrograde.

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I'll bet he woke up from that dream with a boner.

OH, WAIT--nevermind.

Can eunuchs get "phantom" boners, the way other amputees get phantom limb syndrome?

I never would have thought to ask questions like this, were it not for Phil.

Gee, thanks, Spudboy. Thanks a fucking lot.


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Man what a serious and thought provoking turn of dream events
I love it when Phil has these "traumatic nightmares", then makes a post on Facebook trying to find the deeper meaning of it. Also, so Phil believes a million things could go wrong if someone brings a gun or other dangerous weapon to a protest, but what about him?? He carries a autistic toolbelt full of knives, batons, pepper spray, handcuffs, etc. I would like to see someone question Phil and ask him why he's being such a hypocrite, but I think we already know the answer

What did Toren get you for Christmas?

An empty bottle on the bathroom floor? That's nice.
Probably a fucking toilet paper roll so Phil can finally wipe his ass.
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