[29 Dec '18] Fat Potato Runs in Public - To Prove Fitness to Kiwi Farms


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I dunno. It's all a bit Man at C&A, especially the log pose.

Nice to see Phil's bought trousers too big so he can grow into them (not that he's not a porker already).
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So, let's be realistic here...Phil is actually practicing at running away from confrontations here. He is working himself up, getting more paranoid that people are out to hurt him, and he knows he doesn't have what it takes to fight back, so instead he's trying to get better at running away from threats. I hope he does get better at running away, because right now an old lady with gout and a walker could outrun him.
Come on now, we know he's really running away from all the facists/kiwi farms members chasing him so they can kill him. The imaginary facists/kiwi farms members. Maybe the dimensional merge did take place, but instead of Phil getting to meet his OCs, he just gets chased by a shitton of facists that only he can see.

Of course he has to bring his antifa cosplay with him to play pretend in the woods. Phil's the only person I've ever seen go to the woods dressed in a sped antifa cosplay. You just couldn't wear normal cloths for once in your life, could you Phil?? Maybe this is where he thinks antifa basic training will take place when he's finally "drafted" by them.

I wonder who the unlucky person was that had to drive Phil and his smelly ass to Washington. He's never going to be able to fully get the stench of Phil to leave his car, no matter how much it's vacuumed or washed. Also, the driver should've left Phil in the middle of nowhere. It would be like that Looney tunes episode where Charlie the dog was told that he's going for a picnic, only to be left in the middle of nowhere. I could see something like that happening to Phil. Below is the cartoon in question

Imagine you're out hiking and stumble upon this.

The poor residents of Washington.
It would literally become Washington's version of the suicide forest in Japan.
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Not to mention it's high winds and pissing down rain here (again) in Greater Vancouver, a short distance from the Washington State border. If Phil's still there today, he's going to be one wet cold uncomfortable spud, dreaming of his warm apartment in Portland.

Even if his own bed is a dream that will never be fulfilled again until Slingblade finds someone even dumber to mooch off of.