29 going through menopause? & get to know my relationship more - 8/3/2020 -

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She doesn't like candles that smell like food, okay. Apparently she feels better now that the 'cancer had been taken out of her' and thinks there was a 'different' Amber before the diagnosis and a 'different' Amber after the diagnosis. I guess both Amber's are a bitch

Also she isn't going through menopause because of taking estrogen, apparently. Becky is in the video quite a bit which is surprising and she doesn't seem very sad (just observing her - there's a good chance she's hiding it from Amber if she is)

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I am genuinely surprised she's on estrogen but not gonna pretend I'm current on cancer treatments.

D & D helped with the move. Couldn't have been that onerous then as no furniture was involved & she mentioned several times giving lots of stuff away & leaving a lot to the boys. I'm going to go out on a limb & suggest Dana once again took home a load of Torrid.

Before/after diagnosis & after surgery - still the same Amberlynn. I don't think any of what's happened has served as a genuine Come to Jesus moment in terms of her health. Her behavior reeks of relief - the kind of relief a student would feel after cheating on a test, not getting caught & getting a better grade than they deserve.


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I thought that was Dusty in the thumbnail. Neck out here looking like she was stung by a bee everywhere, good grief. That’s the kind of bloating only stress eating can do.

Anyways, love Amber’s backtracking after throwing Becky under a double decker bus and dancing over her squashed blorby body. You guys are sthoooo cyuuuute together