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Can we now tell all the asses that said we were horrible for saying she over reacted or was lying to shut the fuck up? I’m going with my original thought she heard pre cancerous cells and lost it. Then realized it but was getting sympathy so she kept it up. Two things bothering she is moving & recovering too well for the incision she should have especially her size. Anyone having anything to do with uterine or ovarian cancer doesn’t get put on hormones because they are known to cause cancer. Especially if her mom had cancer nope nope nope. The Bracca testing isn’t always covered by insurance even with a high history of cancers . I doubt this moron is in any jeopardy of getting the testing or a double mastectomy she is lying about something . people that go thru this see right thru her bullshit


Amber is my screaming pillow.....
Right can we just now finally accept that they are not at 'The Henry'.

0:07 She wants to practice her vlogging 'skills' (do I need to say anything about that comment?)

She claims that Dana and Destiny helped them move, she did not mention that before ... not even a hint of that.

She says she is not going to vlog Dana and Destiny visiting because she doesn't see the point (Because it would have been vaguely interesting)

Likes to clean her teeth before having a shower (brand new information after 6 years)


I was like - whuuuuut???
In the last video she said that they have wax melts in the living room and the hallway and now they also have a candle lit at all times in the kitchen.
All of that for an apartment too, not even a house. Open a window if the smell is that bad, don't mask it with more shit.
Or Amber could bathe, wash her linen and stop pissing on the couch.
If I gave a fuck I'd advise her to look into how many carcinogens are in all that scented shit (and also how they are a hazard for pets) but I really don't

Amber lives dumb and will die dumb, simple as


She is so unlikeable. Smug as a bug in an overpriced downtown Lexington apartment. So chipper that she’s managed to distance her slave worker from every single person she used to befriend (what happened to rafe and Hannah?) I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s low key ecstatic about Beckys mum. Her face in the thumbnail is so punchable, and the way she was eyeing up those dishes she had to put away, almost overwhelmed at the thought of a tiny task that would take a normal person 2 minutes to do. Well Becky, you’ve made your $6,000 usd bed, now you have to lie in it.

rain and petals eavesdrop

Point Blank Period type deal situation moment
I have noticed in her videos lately she has been referencing taking a shower. I wonder if now in her new place there is a walk in shower so she doesn't have to lift her legs up to get into a tub. Also I predict she will be gaining a lot of weight as her logic will be that now she is healthy, she beat this and is now totally fine. They are most likely living in Lexington where the restaurants are plentiful

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So, it seems that Amber knew Destiny cheated on her... Now we all know and have proof. Amber will go on pretending like she edited it out.
To be fair... she could say that it wasn't destiny. Hasnt she spoken about how krystle spoke to others romantically before amberlynn even moved out?

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Careful measurements made with a protractor in red markings
That's literally a man body too... wonder if she and her mom made up because she's no longer lesbian? At this weight, she might as well be a straight, sped teenage son.


Becky looks more "special" and androgynous than ever. The haircut does not help. She has managed to pack on the pounds though.
The only thing I feel bad for Becky about is shes 100% stuck on the ambular train now. Her mama is gone, the fag shanty is condemned. This is life now and that's really sobering
I am pretty sure that Ambs has mentioned stuff about marriage in past videos and how Becky is the one who wants it. Becky is not a prisoner. She boarded the Amber Express and cut the brake lines. Sponging off Amber was the goal.
Shes happy cause now she can scream at Becky and nobody will interfere and she has no outlet and tbh becky is a real [bad] friend to toss the fags aside and other friends too over amber
She has neighbors now so noise and smells will be an issue.