3/28/2021 - Chris's latest fender bender -

Dr. Silvestrechu

Don't know if this has been posted already, but I just saw this on 4chan. Supposedly some anon took them today, but faggot jannie 404d the thread.

mod edit: details of what happened to the car in this post


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Mariposa Electrique

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Wearing the same shirt of failure.

I know I'm probably late. But how did the back of his minivan get fucked up?
Barb got upset that Chris wanted to sleep in his own bed, so she threw a brick through the back window and called him a faggot nigger.
The van's starting the rock the same bag lady look chris has going on.
It's probably accumulated the same butt smell as the Chandlers.

Anyway, It's going to be hillarious seeing Chris on foot in a few years walking through the McDonald's drive thru making car noises and ordering a big mac.
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The Dude

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In the past the Chandler vehicles were used to store hoard because there was no more room in the house. I wonder if that's the case with the van? It would be just like them to own a vehicle designed to carry a family of seven, but pack it so full of garbage and worthless shit that they're down to the same passenger capacity as a Mazda Miata. Not to mention the fuel and money they're wasting driving around with the weight of all that crap in the car.

Chrus Chundlur

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sooooo he's got nothing to say for autism awarness day?
<Drools while blankly staring at a wall, while a high-pitched, unintelligible cartoon cacophony echoes through the vast, barren emptiness of his potato-shaped head>

(He probably didn't say anything because the absolute lunatic thinks he's "cured", and since he thinks autism is no longer his problem, autism awareness can go fuck itself with a screwdriver for all he cares)
Don't know if this has been posted already, but I just saw this on 4chan. Supposedly some anon took them today, but faggot jannie 404d the thread.
That someone like Chris is allowed to drive will never cease to both terrorize and baffle me.


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"'Male to Female Genitalia FAST!' binaural beats reverberated through the car as the cheap energy drink coursed through his veins. 'With my goddess powers, I can zap anywhere I want, among which,' he said, out loud."

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Hey! But it isn't Chris driving! When he worries that his attention is wandering or that he might crash into slumber, Magi-Chan takes the wheel!
Since it's easter I can't help but be reminded of the time Chris backed up straight into another car and put all the blame not on himself but God for letting it happen.
God is giving me the Middle Finger yet again! I backed up and scratched a car in El Agave Lot! And she's a damn Smoker! Now the damn Jerkop is giving me a hard time, because I am screaming up at Freaking Emanuel God! I want God to just kill me Now if he is going to keep giving me middle fingers and a damned difficult life!!!
(Christian Weston Chandler - September 2013)


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Used a burner number to ask chris. So Chris backed up into a truck last sunday, but somehow he got the money to fix it at a local body shop. Not sure if its the praetor money,insurance or what not. But then proceeds to dream for 20k to buy the same new car because even he knows that his and barb's credit scores are fucked.

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