3/4/2019 - Ancient Enby Getting Motivated on a Mundane Monday Morning -


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Just saw this, lmao. First time I'm catching one of these live, so exciting


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It was pretty boring. Mostly just aliens are going to come save us if we pray hard enough. And Benjamin Netanyahu and most of Congress are lizard-people.
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He claimes he had some embarrassing information on the farms and on amb in his email but nothing embarrassing on him though

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Highlights from the livestream:

  • It's Monday morning, Tommy says he hasn't shaved yet or washed much
  • Got blocked on Twitter for 12 hours because of a hateful conduct strike
  • Promotes his stream tonight at 8PM EST. Says it's about the astral plane and not acting out on negative thoughts
  • Bought a GoPro 5 this morning for $60
  • Expresses relief that the "assholes" haven't cracked the gmail accounts for him and Real Things Artisans Co-Op. Goes on about how there's embarrassing shit about AMB and Kiwi Farms in there.
  • Gets mad about a user named "PeePee PooPoo" around the 14 minute mark. Unfortunately Tommy disabled the chat for the upload so you can't see what Mr. PeePee PooPoo said, though I think we can all take a reasonable guess as to what it was.
  • Tommy says he'll do his laundry soon. He mentioned in a recent stream that he had about a month's worth of laundry to do.
  • Google keeps making Tommy change his passwords, which makes him mad as he's been using the same passwords for years.
  • Tommy remarks that he needs someone to market him as he isn't very good at that.
  • Tommy gets the feeling that he's being trolled, bans some people from chat, and decides to end the video. Claims he'll ignore and block trolls from now on.
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Tommy has said in a past livestream he uses Great Value brand detergent pods in the washer. He probably drops one pod in a heavily soiled load; Thinking it's good enough to cover up his personal infusions of hippy sweat, trash, weed, and mildew.