3/4/2019 - Atonement, Attunement and Attendance; Ascending the Astral Plane - Calls cops and Amazon because of "possessed" stream, turns out he left ASMR video on in background

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And now we're on to sleeping tips.

More religious babbling

He's apparently being "hacked"
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Hilarious After Mindnight in Tommy's chat is either exceptional or a very good troll.

Hilarious After Midnightsomeone is chanting and i feel bad

Hilarious After Midnightlike chilling evil

Hilarious After Midnighti am counter praying

Hilarious After MidnightSending light and positive energy

Hilarious After Midnightim not leaving the chat

Hilarious After Midnighti am sending light

Hilarious After Midnightthe darkness cannot defeat the light

Hilarious After MidnightI am convinced the only people who would do this are enemies of good and want to see goodness destroyed.


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Apparently the issue was coming from hangouts. Thanks to a helpful tip from someone named Penis Patrol, he's getting it fixed, or trying to, anyhow.

And he's calling 911
By calling the poor cops. As always.

"Someone's totally inside my machine, lovely." Yes Tommy, that's how hacking works. Totally.
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we here at the kiwi farms should send some hugs and kisses to our down in dump friend tommy.


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I, for one, would like to thank our hacker. A+ trolling you really freaked him out. Someone document all this so I can do IRL shit.