3-4-2019 Atonement, Attunement and Attendance; Ascending the Astral Plane - Calls cops and Amazon because of "possessed" stream, turns out he left ASMR video on in background

Army Burger

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Bubble wrap noises have never been more threatening

Tommy is watching a standup routine by Dave Chappelle that mentioned the nigger word.

He liked the move BlackKKlansman

He's having a 5th Trans Birthday, fittingly on April 1.

He talked about what he does to pretty himself up. Doesn't wear a wig very often because of the heat. Can't put on mascara very well.

Despairs over his stupidity regarding the video playing in the background.

Claims that one arrest is all it'll take to calm things down regarding his "harassment"

Getting mad over someone called Militant Autist

Tom farts around on the recorder for a bit.

Tom is happy that his Twitter ban expired.

Now sperging about the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates. John Hickenlooper is the only one Tom can vote for in good conscience, as he is an independent businessman, while also mentioning in the same breath that the "tyrant in chief" is also one.

Calls the New York Times the Jew York Times, laments the limit on free article views.

Finally ends the stream after 4 hours.
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Tom certainly has been ascending to new planes as of late.

So I'm glad he's teaching up how to ascend. I wish to meet him in the astral plane and beat him up solely because he'll tell the police and they'll say "Bitch what? Do you think we're exceptional? Astral planes aren't real, old coot."

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