Sonichu 4/16 - Chris Explains Differences Between Amy and Rosechu

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May 26, 2013
What, you mean stuff like these...?

Protip: These don't follow any chronological order. So there.



Yeah, no. Chris has it all right. He was the one that found the groundwork for Rosechu, I'm only following suit and trying to merely emulate that fire Chris brought into all our hearts that fateful day in March 2000, and continue the plight of everyone's favorite pink Zapbud.

And to bring something on-topic... I kind of wonder if Chris would have actually been walking around pride parades, trying to cop feels (or at least imagining it in his head) and outloud muttering, "Hmm...Fun! Hmm..."

Ah man, that's awesome work! Know where I can find the rest?

Blue Max
Feb 18, 2013
Is Chris capable of any actual originality at all?

This is classic Chris--the more he yells and screams about something he believes to be true, the more people agree the opposite. No, Rosechu is not an original true and honest character. Drilling into secondary characteristics to justify this is no defense at all.

And while it's on my mind, these points:

-Bigger breasts
-Longer Hair
-Different Clothing

Directly apply to Tomgirl Chris as opposed to I am Not Ian Chris. Is this the reason why Rosechu is better than Amy Rose, because Chris needs to feel better about himself today compared to years ago?


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Nov 28, 2014
"Rosechu's breasts are bigger"

-Chris, being ever the gentleman

"Rosechu is more independent than Amy; she does not have to rely on her man every time to rescue or defend her (not counting the occasional instinces)."

Funny he's says that since we never see her doing anything by herself, let alone protect herself. Even Princess Peach can take care of herself ten times better than Rosechu and that's saying a lot.

That's not true, she went shopping by herself

Chris truly is a proud, dedicated crusader of women's rights. He should speak at the UN.


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Jan 31, 2014
bigger breasts, step in time
bigger breasts, step in time
ne'er need a reason, ne'er need a rhyme
bigger breasts, step in time
(fun fact: rosechu was 16 when sonichu started. and i don't remember them aging)

Didn't he retcon the ages of some chus in response to the claim that only a pedofork :oops: would draw naked images of sexually active minors?

SATC Vortex

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Nov 9, 2014
Didn't he retcon the ages of some chus in response to the claim that only a pedofork :oops: would draw naked images of sexually active minors?
Yup he did. Around Rage Against The Garbage.

Listen the real thing that sets Rosechu against Amy is the Super Awesome BDSM powers that Rosechu exhibited in the last issue of Sonichu, the selfie combo in episode 17, and the most important power: her homopreventing bjs that keep Sonichu from running into Magi-chan's loving arms.
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