4/17/2020 - To Catch a Stalker and Rescue a Trans man Multitasking after Bar Time - Tom chimps out on a crisis line then babbles for an hour

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"Please don't call me sir again! I'm a free spirit!"

I never see much free or spirit in him...

Troons like this mean normal people won't get a polite "sir" anymore some day...
The only "free" thing about Tommy's spirit, is that his spirit needs to be freed with a few bricks to the head.
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- When i'm smiling,there's a woman there happy. There is no hint of man- tommy

I really don't understand why Tommy thinks smiling makes any kind of difference, he still looks like creepy, old faggot trying to imitate a woman. Like for real, smiling doesn't make you a woman or a human being, especially if your 5 o' clock shaow is visble.
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Man, quarantine has churned some quality chimpouts from Tom.

Edit: wow, that explosion around 10 minutes. Whatever the poor lady talking to him is being paid, it's clearly not enough.
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I’m very concerned about your smoking habits. Smoking isn’t healthy and can damage your lungs. The silver mug also returns and after seeing the kitchen photos, I’m worried about its cleanliness. You should be sterilizing it between uses. Please take care of yourself @Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg