4/18/2020 - Visualize A Healed Garden World Together 11:11 Jam - Tom is broke and lonely


I didn't watch it either, but I clicked a bunch of random timestamps with the sound off. No, looks like he's just sitting around smoking a joint.

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What's the big deal? It's called a fetish!
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He sounds stoned out of his mind. Here's the interesting stuff with timestamps.
0:50 - He believes Corona-Chan was apparently intentionally released to cause mass death as a form of population control.
1:07 - Yells at a troll named Michelle. Calls them a sick pig in a textbook example of the pot calling the kettle black.
1:30 - Rambles about the troll. The troll apparently has a grudge because a Tommy Tooter impostor harassed her. It's not like Tommy hasn't ever harassed anyone to suicide, right Tommy?
2:00 - Michelle spells out "queer faggot." Tommy says that's transphobic before he admits he calls others faggots.
2:20 - Claims to be a "leader" in the LGBT (?) community and tolerant of heterosexuality.
3:20 - Tommy is anti-vax. Why am I not surprised?
4:03 - Michelle is back! He reports her.
4:55 - Tommy is confused. Why does Michelle-Chan keep coming back? He decides to ignore her.
5:22 - Back to the anti-vax lunacy. The cure will kill more than the disease! :'(
6:10 - Plays a video to support his view, rambles about how the evil doctor's vaccines will kill you.
7:06 - Lighter is broken and he's too poor to get another one.
7:13 - Technology, how does it work?
7:19 - This video sounds like a podcast.
7:55 - The video gets to the point. Tommy does something that I don't want to think about. His noises, bodily and otherwise, make the video hard to listen to.
9:30 - It's all about shifting the planet, evidently.
9:39 - Michelle is back! What an absolute mad lass!
9:55 - Talks about what happened to his teeth. Apparently smashed his face in back in '99.
10:04 - A new challenger troll appears!
10:13 - So much for being inclusive.
10:47 - Stares blankly at the screen for nearly 20 seconds.
11:08 - Back to the video. This doctor sounds like a quack; no wonder Tommy likes him. Tommy puffs on his joint listening to the rambling about how your mind influences the outside world because Quantum Physics.
13:48 - The chat is taken over by brave trolls. Tommy insults them, tells them they'll be dead before the year is out, and shuts the stream off.

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What's the big deal? It's called a fetish!
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I rate him late. Isaiah "visualized a healed garden world" millennia ago and its influenced both the idea of heaven and earthly utopias ever since . Brush up on your hebrew history, Tom
This shit's pretty basic
He mashes religious doctrine together to make a completely autistic belief system. If Tom ever shows up to sperg again, ask him about the space Godzilla that's going to eat all the Kiwi Farmers and shit them out on Mars.

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