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Money 4/19 - Offering classic shirt for starting bid of $12,000 or $20,000 Buy It Now

Discussion in 'Christian Weston Chandler' started by The American Hedgehog, Apr 19, 2017.

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    #1 The American Hedgehog, Apr 19, 2017
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2017
  1. The years of filth and unwashed sweat are priceless in a really weird way.
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  2. Only 12,000 dollars what a deal!
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    Doc Cassidy

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  3. "Only after sale of the relic, I will be able to afford having it restored to its glory"

    I don't know. I think removing any of that authentic Chris-Chan musk or any food stains would lower the value of this collector's item, to be honest.
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    Lackadaisy W W W (dot) internet (dot) C O M

  4. So he really went through all the comments to finally get down to what was valuable, huh? Looking for that shirt is the most work he's done since he moved that 1000 pound doghouse.

    Seriously, fuck whoever bought the totem and brought this on.
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    multiverse in every parallel reality you're a cow
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  5. 12,000 dollars for an unfashionable rugby shirt with a ruined neck what a deal
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  6. 12,000. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah....
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    Forever Sunrise

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  7. I'd only pay 20,000 if it was Bob's shirt.
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  8. $20,000 is pretty cheap for a biological warfare super weapon.
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  9. Even when it costs 20000 freaking dollars, I'm completely sure one of you guys is gonna buy it.
    This is WAY more representative than the totem and that thing got sold quickly.
    In any case, more money for ol' Barbie!

    Just add a Sonichu medallion to the offer and it'll be much more tempting.
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  10. He has totally lost his mind.

    Also, they have kept bags of damp laundry from the time of the fire? The stench must be unbelievable by now.
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  11. Can we appreciate the sheer amount of chuckles here?
    "I thought it burnt up in the house, but it was actually just in the laundry."

    Also $20,000 to contract a horrifying disease that can only grow in the most extreme of environments. Sign me the hell up.
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  12. It's like a ghost of Christian's past..
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    Yaks Beware of young girls...
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  13. You can easily discover a new species of mold in it and make back those $20000
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  14. I'm sure some ween will buy it

    Then Chris Chan will blew it all on legos
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  15. I could literally drive to my local Goodwill and find the same shirt for about 10 bucks.
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  16. I would buy it just to find out if it smells more like smoke or rotten watermelon.
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  17. I totally missed that, whoa Chris has has damp laundry from 2014!

    No wonder the clown shirt looks so terrible
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  18. The Fire of January 2017.

    You're fucking slipping, CWCki.
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    Radical Goodspeed

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  19. OH MY! This ramps the financhu crisis saga up to a new level! Can you imagine what they have stashed away mouldering in trash bags in that house? It looks like that shirt was sharing Patti's grave! Imagine if you put that shirt on the totem... you'd be able to bring on swarms of locusts and plagues for sure!
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